Najat El-Khairy: Painting her way back to Palestine

In this episode, we’re joined by Najat El-Taji El-Khairy, a Palestinian-Canadian artist who has created a unique art form combining her interests in both embroidery and porcelain painting. Najat’s art has been exhibited in various venues throughout North America, the Middle East and Europe. Najat has made it her mission to immortalise, protect and preserve the art of Palestinian embroidery. As she describes it, she’s, ‘Painting her way home, one stitch at a time.’


  • Find Najat’s Website here and her Instagram account here; and see a collection of Najat’s amazing artwork here
  • Order Najat’s book, Palestinian Heritage … Worth Celebrating!, from the Musée des métiers d'art du Québec (MUMAQ) here.
  • See Najat’s full written responses to CJPME’s podcast questions.

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