Weekly Round-Up: Al-Aqsa attack – Canada’s response; Bob Rae comment; Gaza Farm Aid Project

In this news round-up episode, Reem joins Tom and Michael to discuss last week’s attack on Palestinian worshippers in the Al-Aqsa compound, and how Canada responded.  They’ll also talk about an interesting comment by Canada’s ambassador to the UN, and a recent humanitarian initiative for Gaza’s struggling farmers. 

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Links from this podcast:

  • Read CJPME’s press release: Canada must condemn, sanction brutal Israeli attack on Al-Aqsa worshippers
  • CJPME email campaign: Tell Trudeau: end Israeli atrocities at the Al-Aqsa mosque
  • Watch: Bob Rae’s comment on Israeli “de facto annexation” of the occupied West Bank
  • The CJPME Foundation’s “Gaza Farm Aid” project to help Palestinian farmers in Gaza

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