Farah Nabulsi: From Stockbroker to Award-Winning Director

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla, and Tom are joined by Farah Nabulsi, Palestinian-British filmmaker and human rights advocate. She has written and produced four short films including Today They Took My Son and Nightmare of Gaza. Her most recent short Present has won over 50 International awards for its powerful portrayal of the daily struggles faced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. Listen in as we discuss The Present, her inspiration, and her efforts to use film to share the Palestinian experience under Israeli occupation and apartheid system.


  • To learn more about Farah and her work, visit her website.
  • Check out the online resource Oceans of Injustice, named after Farah’s first film which deconstructs the economic, social, and political aspects of Israeli occupation here.
  • Read more about Farah’s upcoming film The Teacher.

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