Weekend protests and other actions to oppose the genocide

This past week, it has become painfully more clear that we are witnessing an Israeli genocide against Palestinians in GazaWe must do everything in our power to reject any acceptance, apathy or indifference to this crime.   

Other actions to oppose the genocide of Gaza's Palestinians 

When almost half the deaths are children, #ItsAGenocide!  When 99.9% of the deaths are civilians, #ItsAGenocide!  When the people being bombed have nowhere to flee, #ItsAGenocide!  More and more experts from around the world are describing what's happening in Gaza as a genocide, and we're disgusted by our government's indifference to the killing of Palestinians and the destruction of their social fabric. We plead with you to take the following actions: 

1. Send a message to the Prime Minister that the genocide of Palestinians is happening on his watch!  If you've done so already, please do so again.

2. Tell the world that what's happening in Gaza right now is a genocide. We've launched an "It's a Genocide" campaign on social media, and we invite everyone to participate. There are many ways to be involved:

  • Take one of our social media image designs from here, or from below, and post to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The designs speak for themselves.
  • Create your own design; we've got some suggestions here. The concept is text-based, just takes a bit of creativity, and the hashtag #ItsAGenocide.  
  • Like and share our social media posts that use this theme. Start with the posts here on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and follow us on these platforms to like and share subsequent posts that we'll be publishing in the coming hours and days.

3. Plug into the other ways to be involved. Our Gaza Action Webinar this past Monday night (on YouTube, or Facebook) provided a guide/tutorial for how to engage with the media, call your MP, and meet with your MP.  We encourage you to get involved and take action via any of the other opportunities listed below:

  1. Call your MP using our tool which connects you automatically
  2. Send an email of urgent concern to your member of Parliament
  3. Send a humanitarian donation to Gaza, with the CJPME Foundation's "Gaza Emergency Appeal"
  4. Participate in our work to combat Canadian media bias
  5. Communicate/record your concerns about the whole situation
  6. Ramp up your knowledge of the situation

If you believe that CJPME's work is effective and useful, please consider donating to our work today.  Monthly donations are especially helpful, as they enable forward-looking strategy.  


#ItsAGenocide, and you've got to let the world know!

These are just a sampling of the possible designs.  Use these, or come up with some of your own!