Tell Trudeau: Push for end to bloodshed in Gaza

Words cannot express our worry and fear for the two million civilians of Gaza. Over the weekend, Israel has ordered half the population of Gaza to move to the south of the territory, and has taken actions that suggest they plan to dispossess millions of Palestinians from Gaza - literally a Nakba 2.0. Seemingly indifferent, the Trudeau government refuses to push for a ceasefire even after more than 2700 Palestinians have been killed. Let it be said that you did not sit idly by while our political leaders watched Israel turn Gaza to dust, slaughter its people, and commit another mass atrocity.

Complete the form below to send an email to Prime Minister Trudeau, your local MP, and the leaders of the NDP, Convervatives and Greens. Canada must OPPOSE A SECOND NAKBA and dispossession of the Palestinians in Gaza by pushing for a ceasefire.