Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East

...since the Trudeau government promised to condemn BDS activists, and has done nothing!

We're still waiting for your condemnation, Justin Trudeau!

On Feb. 22, 2016, the Canadian Parliament passed a motion committing to "condemn any and all attempts" by Canadian "organizations, groups or individuals" to promote the BDS movement. This is an absurd and offensive motion which tramples on Canadians' Charter right to freedom of expression. 3000 Canadians have already signed CJPME's "Go ahead, make my day, condemn me" Petition, daring the government to condemn Canadians for exercising their Charter rights to stand up for dispossessed peoples. For weeks now, the Canadian government has been too scared either to 1) condemn Canadians for exercising their freedom of expression for BDS, 2) renounce this bizarre and insulting motion, or 3) admit that it passed the motion to intimidate critics of Israel, or worse, to score a few political points at the expense of Canadians' right to free speech.