Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem


To be sent to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the other leaders of Canada's political parties:

Earlier this week, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer promised that if elected, a Canadian government under his leadership would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  This is offensive, appalling, illegal, and wrong.

In December, US President Donald Trump announced he was moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, breaking decades of diplomatic neutrality regarding competing Israeli and Palestinian claims to the city. We as Canadians need to express our strongest opposition.

To the Government of Canada:

WHEREAS Scheer's decision ignores all previous UN resolutions and international consensus on Jerusalem,

WHEREAS Scheer's decision contradicts international law which outlaws the seizure of territory by force,

WHEREAS Scheer's decision undermines all Middle East peace efforts, which call for a negotiated settlement on the status of Jerusalem,

THEREFORE, we, the undersigned petition you to publicly and diplomatically oppose all foreign embassies in Jerusalem!:


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  • Richard Pearen
    signed 2019-06-12 00:55:30 -0400
  • Devon Sandboe
    signed 2019-06-12 00:43:05 -0400
  • Jeanette Lodoen
    signed 2019-06-12 00:18:35 -0400
    Jeanette Lodoen
  • Jordan Lodoen Unseth
    signed 2019-06-11 23:09:19 -0400
  • Muazzam Orakzai
    signed 2019-06-11 22:14:40 -0400
    Hypocrisy runs deep among our Canadian Politicians which is not only a shame but a disgrace for a civilised society that believes in democracy and fairness. How long will you support the injustice and brutalities of a bogus regime. Conservative government will be a disaster for Canadians if elected but Liberals should recognise need of equal rights for Palestinians as much as he is trying with the Canadian Indigenous here at home.
  • Rick Maddocks
    signed 2019-06-11 18:07:36 -0400
    STOP sucking up to Bibi Satanyahoo and STOP persecuting Palestinians! Have you NO conscience? Andrew Scheer and his ilk are nothing but psychos in suits. Grrrr …
  • Merna Schmidt
    signed via 2019-06-11 18:07:25 -0400
  • Claude Brasseur
    signed 2019-06-11 09:08:50 -0400
  • Catherine McLeod
    signed 2019-06-11 00:05:19 -0400
    Do the right thing, follow international law and respect the Peace Agreement
  • Robert Fitzgerald
    signed 2019-06-10 21:12:27 -0400
  • Jean Macdonald
    signed 2019-06-10 20:05:33 -0400
    Jean Macdonald
  • Jennifer Bocock
    signed 2019-06-10 19:49:36 -0400
    John and Jenny Bocock
  • Erica Farrell
    signed 2019-06-10 13:19:03 -0400
  • Helen Glavina
    signed 2019-06-10 11:07:50 -0400
    Helen Glavina
  • Corey Balsam
    signed 2019-06-10 03:53:05 -0400
  • Louise Lee
    signed 2019-06-10 03:43:23 -0400
    Canada must respect international laws .
  • Dianne Varga
    signed 2019-06-10 02:48:01 -0400
    To all of you, including the Green caucus — please do not stir the pot by following Trump’s lead on moving foreign embassies to Jerusalem. You must respect UN resolutions supporting Palestinian statehood based on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the state capital.
  • alaa ahmed
    signed 2019-06-10 01:48:19 -0400
  • Karen Rodman
    signed 2019-06-09 23:52:21 -0400
  • Richard Taves
    @skeercowt tweeted link to this page. 2019-06-09 22:05:18 -0400
    Sign the petition: Canadians Oppose Foreign Embassies in Jerusalem,
  • Richard Taves
    signed 2019-06-09 22:04:50 -0400
  • Adel Hammouda
    signed 2019-06-09 13:35:50 -0400
    I oppose recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Canada should stand equal distance between Israelis and Palestinians until a complete resolution is set in the Middle East that recognizes the right of Palestinians for a state and a return to their home land.
  • Hilary Johnston
    signed 2019-06-09 10:43:48 -0400
  • Mo Bhimji
    signed 2019-06-09 03:48:18 -0400
  • Shawn Wagner
    signed 2019-06-09 00:37:53 -0400
  • James Kornelsen
    signed via 2019-06-08 23:30:02 -0400
  • Siobhan McCaffrey
    signed 2019-06-08 22:30:40 -0400
    We are not America’s puppet. You will put millions of Canadians in danger. You are an idiot.
  • Helen Langevin
    signed 2019-06-08 22:30:19 -0400
  • Alida Sheptenko
    signed 2019-06-08 20:13:53 -0400
    Not in my lifetime
  • Mark Ferry
    signed 2019-06-08 19:34:18 -0400