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If you already have a Media Centre account, and are already a Responder or a Researcher, you may click here to log in to CJPME's Media Centre.   If you do not already have a Media Centre account, you can get one here by signing up as a Media Responder. For the terms and conditions of participation in CJPME's Media Centre, please click here.

Media Centre Overview

As part of the CJPME Media Centre team, you’ll be part of a team helping to hold Canadian media accountable for fair coverage of the Middle East, especially on the topic of Israel-Palestine.  People wishing to be involved in CJPME’s Media Centre start the sign up process via the links above.  

There are two types of users of CJPME’s Media Centre (launched 2016):

  • Media Responder – There are dozens of active Media Responders involved with CJPME’s Media Centre
  • Media Researcher – There is only a small number of people who are Media Researchers, as this role requires a lot of time

Media Responder:  While there are no “hard and fast” qualifications for involvement, being a Media Responder is a privilege and opportunity, and individuals signing up for the Media Centre must agree to professional conduct as defined in the Centre’s “Terms of Participation” As a Media Responder, you have several roles you may play:

  1. Respond to media alerts.  Alerts are issued no more than once or twice a week, and Responders are asked to participate in the media alerts as frequently as possible.  Once signed up, responders will be informed of alerts by email.  When you receive the alert email, it will contain a link to the article in question, and either a) the email to which you should send your letter to the editor, or b) a form in which you should write your letter to the editor. 
  2. Post articles to the Media Centre.  Responders are encouraged to post any articles they think may be interesting to other Media Centre participants.  To post an article to the Centre, Media Responders should follow the instructions in Step 1.a. in the CJPME Media Centre guide.  Once logged into the Media Centre, you can see all posted articles from the Media Centre Main Page 
  3. Inform media researchers of potential problem articles.  Responders should feel free to email Researchers any time they think they have identified a problem article.  We recommend that you post the article to the Media Centre – see Step 1.a. in the CJPME Media Centre guide – and then email the Media Researchers to inform them of the article and the issue.  Once logged into the Media Centre, consider using the Centre's guidelines to determine what constitutes a problem article. 

Media Researcher:  Researchers have all the privileges and opportunities of the Responders.  However, in addition, they are able to:

  1. Launch media alerts.  The alerts are sent by email to all Media Centre participants, and enable participants to send emails of complaint/thanks to media outlets which have published a recent problematic/excellent article.