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You may want your homepage to include snippets of content from another page, such as your latest 3 blog posts. To do this, click Website > Theme > New File and name the file _blog_latest.html, and click Create and edit file. Next, copy and paste the following contents into the file and click Save and Publish.  Here, we used _tw_blog_latest.html

The examples below are executed via the liquid function: subpage in the template of this page.  The two subpage lines each bring in three lines from a blog, as defined in two files that were created in the Template -> Files .  The first file is: _tw_blog_latest.html and the second is _tw_blog_latest_example2.html

CJPME Factsheet No. 224, published June, 2021: This factsheet provides an analysis of the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Palestine and Israel's legal responsibility to protect Palestinians from the disease.

CJPME Factsheet No. 223, published June 2021: Mass evictions in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan

CJPME Factsheet No. 222, published March 2021: The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and the Nakba

CJPME Publishes Elections Guide Evaluating Parties on Middle East Positions

Montreal, September 8, 2021  — This week, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) issued its “Vote 2021 Elections Guide,” evaluating the record and promises of the five largest federal parties on Palestine-Israel and other Middle East issues. The guide evaluates the parties on ten different Middle East issues according to a number of different criteria, including 1) their support for international law; 2) their consistent application of international law; 3) their eschewal of armed violence; 4) their humanitarian concern; 5) their support for representative governance; and 6) their sense of urgency in responding to crises. ...Read more >

Palestine on the Ballot: Joint Campaign Launches to Foreground Palestinian Human Rights During Canadian Elections

Montreal, August 18, 2021: Today, a partnership of Canadian advocacy groups launched Vote Palestine: a campaign and online resource to put issues of human rights in Palestine-Israel on the agenda for the federal election. Central to the campaign is a joint platform of shared demands that civil society groups hope to see candidates take on. With these tools, Vote Palestine intends to challenge candidates to make clear commitments on foreign policy that could bring about real change for the better in the region.   ...Read more >

CJPME Urges Canadian Officials to Move Beyond Focus on Two-State Solution for Israel and Palestine

Montreal, July 26, 2021  — Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is calling for a major shift in Canadian policy vis-a-vis Israel and Palestine to de-emphasize the goal of a “two-state solution,” noting that the longstanding position of the Canadian government may no longer be possible nor desirable. In a new policy document, CJPME argues that the emphasis on a two-state solution has become an obstacle to peace, and that Canadian officials need to be open to possible alternatives that would uphold equal rights and freedoms, including a “one-state solution,” or a single democratic state with equal rights. Regardless of the preferred political arrangement, CJPME argues that sanctions against Israel are required to advance Palestinian self-determination. ...Read more >

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