Influence the 2013 Liberal Party Leadership Race

image.pngFrom April 6th to April 14th, Liberal members and supporters will be electing the new party's leader. Show the Liberal candidates that Middle East issues matter to you by taking few seconds to send them your question. Get involved now!




Email the leadership candidates now (CLOSED) Send your questions and concerns about Liberal Party Middle East policy.                                                                                       
Review our analysis of Liberal Party Middle East policy CJPME has reviewed the public record of the Liberal Party on the Middle East, and has found much room for improvement. See the statements in parliament, to the media, and on the campaign trail.
See our bios and research on the leadership candidates Review the background of each of the Liberal party leadership candidates, and what they might have said about key issues on the Middle East
Factsheet on historic Liberal Party Middle East policy Going back to the 1940s, CJPME has reviewed how different Liberal leaders have acted towards the Middle East, and how recent leaders have negatively shifted the party stance.

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