CJPME launches grants for student solidarity work

CJPME is proud to support Palestine solidarity work on Canadian campuses by offering seven grants for student work this fall.  CJPME realizes that university campuses are often at the “front lines” of Palestine solidarity work, and CJPME wants to do all it can to support student solidarity work!

Student groups can apply for a grant on CJPME’s newly launched “Student Hub.”  CJPME is offering six grants of $250, and one grant of $500 to eligible groups which apply.  Applications are open now until August 14thClick here to apply now!

 Our CJPME “Student Hub” also provides lots of other resources and support for students and campus groups wanting to awareness about Palestine:

Finally, if you'd like to start a student group, and CJPME's vision and values resonate with you and your friends, click here to learn more about launching a CJPME student chapter.  But regardless of whether you're a "CJPME" group or any other solidarity group, we're here to help and support you.

Do you have suggestions?

The CJPME Student Hub is a work in progress.  If you have suggestions for what could be useful for students and campus groups, whether flyers, templates, learning sessions or anything else, send them our way!