Vivien Sansour: Seeds, Solidarity and Social Change

In this episode, Tom, Rafeef and Tayla are joined by Vivien Sansour, the Palestinian-American founder of the Palestine Heirloom Library – a cultural and social project that works with farmers and advocates to recover and conserve threatened crop varieties. Through her art and storytelling, Vivien advocates for greater social engagement with Palestinian agriculture, heritage, and culture. Currently working on an autobiographical book documenting her work on seeds in Palestine and around the world, Vivien weaves together her personal experiences and research, making her work both a cultural and political act.


  • Check out the Palestine Heirloom Library, and Traveling Kitchen founded by Vivien.
  • Buy seeds from the Heirloom Seed Library here.
  • Watch Vivien talk about the origins of the Palestine Heirloom Library and its importance here
  • Read about Vivien’s efforts to revitalize and conserve Jadu’l, a watermelon variety unique to the city of Jenin.
  • Desires to support Vivien’s work can be directed to this email address, [email protected].

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