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CJPME invites you to check out the exciting new episodes of our “All Things Palestinian” Podcast, where our hosts and their guests explore the deep questions and reflections around Palestine. Our most recent episode features Darin Sallam, Director of Farha, and next week's episode will feature Farah Nabulsi, Director of The Present. Both films are currently on Netflix.

The “All Things Palestinian” podcast seeks to promote Palestinian pride and engagement through the exploration of Palestinian art, culture, history, and heritage. You can listen to the episodes on our Website, or via any major podcast platform, whether Apple, Spotify or others.

Each episode, All Things Palestinian’s hosts are joined by fascinating Palestinian guests from around the world, including artists, writers, activists and more. Below, we highlight some of our recent notable podcasts.

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Fearless about Palestine (w/ Darin Sallam), June 5th, 2023


On this episode, Rafeef, Tom and Tayla hear about the inspiration of Palestinian-Jordanian filmmaker and director Darin Sallam. Sallam is director of the recently released movie Farha, a drama available on Netflix which takes place in the context of the Nakba.

Teaching Palestinian liberation through Tatreez (w/ Wafa Ghnaim), March 7, 2023


On this episode, Tom is joined by Wafa Ghnaim, author of the hugely popular book Tatreez and Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora. In the podcast, Wafa talks about the traditional importance of tatreez, and how tatreez is inseparable from the Palestinians’ ongoing struggle for liberation.

Sharing the Diaspora Palestinian Experience through Fiction (w/ Saeed Teebi), November, 2022


On this episode, Tom and ATP’s previous co-host Nur Watad were joined by award-winning Palestinian-Canadian author Saeed Teebi. In the podcast, Teebi talks about his inspiration for the stories in his book, Her First Palestinian, a collection of short stories about Palestinians in the diaspora struggling to find their place in Canada.

Empowering Palestinian women through radio (w/ Maysoun Odeh), May 19th, 2023


On this episode, Rafeef and Tayla were joined by Maysoun Odeh, a Palestinian entrepreneur and co-founder of “NISAA”, an Arabic radio station in Palestine that is for women, by women. The discussion focuses on the challenges faced by Palestinian women and the creative ways in which the NISAA community supports them.

Research, Human Rights, Art, and Activism (w/ Rana Nazzal), February 14, 2023


On this episode, Rafeef and Tom are joined by Rana Nazzal, a Palestinian artist and filmmaker based in Ramallah and Toronto. In the podcast, Rana talks about her art which explores issues related to memory, land, and movement under a decolonial lens.

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