See Farah Nabulsi’s new Palestine movie at the TIFF!

For all our friends in Toronto... CJPME is thrilled to announce that Farah Nabulsi’s debut feature film The Teacher will premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF.)  If you're interested in getting tickets, they're on sale starting today!  Don't miss out!

Nabulsi is a Palestinian-British filmmaker whose short film The Present – highlighting the injustice of Israel’s occupation – was nominated for an Oscar in 2021 and is still available in Canada on Netflix.

The two TIFF screenings open to the public are:

With only two public screenings, tickets are expected to disappear quickly.  So if you're interested, don't delay in purchasing your tickets!   

Note, The Teacher can also be nominated by you, as your People's Choice Award vote at the TIFFThis means that people attending either of the public screenings can choose to vote for the movie on the TIFF website as their “People’s Choice” vote after they have seen the film. So if you like it, be sure to cast your vote for this Palestinian film! Every vote will count!

A more lengthy introduction of the movie is found at the TIFF Website, but the movie’s one-line synopsis reads: Palestinian school teacher Basem struggles to reconcile his commitment to political resistance with both his emotional support for one of his students and the chance of a romantic relationship with a British volunteer worker.

It's not every day that you’ll see a movie by a Palestinian director – and filmed in Palestine – at the TIFF, so consider attending a screening and showing your support!

More about Farah Nabulsi 

Farah Nabulsi is an Oscar-Nominated and BAFTA-Winning Palestinian British filmmaker.   

The Present, Nabulsi’s directorial debut, which she also co-wrote and produced, premiered at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2020 and won the coveted Audience Award for Best Film. It went on to win over 50 International Film Festival Jury and Audience Awards, a BAFTA Award, and an Oscar Nomination. The Present was made available to a world-wide audience – including Canada – when licensed to Netflix and Canal+.

The Teacher is Nabulsi’s directorial full-length movie debut starring Palestinian actor, Saleh Bakri and British actress Imogen Poots.

CJPME’s Podcast “All Things Palestinian” had Nabulsi as a guest earlier this summer, and CJPME also did a Webinar with Nabulsi in 2021 following the nomination of The Present for an Oscar.  If you’re not already excited about this rising Palestinian artist, check out one of these two interviews!

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