Meet the Recipients of CJPME's Student Grants for 2022

Cover_for_Accomplishment__Pages_(9).pngCJPME is thrilled to announce the recipients of our 2022 Student Grants! CJPME's Student Grants are intended to strengthen Palestine solidarity groups on post-secondary campuses, and this year, we have 12 student group recipients! These grants are part of CJPME's Campus Solidarity initiative launched earlier this year, which supports student groups through grants, fellowships, campaign support, informational resources, and legal advice. Each of the 12 groups listed below is receiving $250 from CJPME to empower and enable their work. Check out the photos and blurbs below to get to know them better.

Our student grants are entirely funded by CJPME donors and are an amazing way to elevate the potential of student activism on Canadian campuses. If you believe in this critical work, please consider making a donation to CJPME. Monthly donations are especially helpful, as they sustain our ongoing work. If you don't like to donate by credit card, we can receive email transfers at [email protected]. Or, if you prefer, you may also donate over the phone (438-380-5410), or complete and mail in this form. Thank you.

2022 CJPME Solidarity Grant Recipients:


Solidarity For Palestinian Human Rights – University of British Columbia

UBC SPHR is working hard to raise support on campus for Palestine solidarity. Among other things this year, they are planning informational events, non-violent direct actions, and the promotion of Palestinian identity, culture, and history. UBC SPHR has an impressive history, including a successful campaign last year to have their student union pass a motion for the university to divest from businesses complicit in illegal Israeli settlements.


Palestinian Student Society Association – University of Guelph

PSSA at the University of Guelph aims to “advocate for Palestine and bridge solidarity between collective struggles all while enjoying Palestinian culture”. They have hosted many speakers in the past, including Amer Zahr, a Palestinian American law professor and comedian, Beisan Zubi, Khaled Bedouin, Jana Jihad, and many more.


Amnesty International – University of Victoria

Amnesty International at UVIC aims to raise awareness of many human rights issues on campus. They organize many different activities throughout the year to advocate for human rights, such as film screenings, tabling , inviting activists to speak to students, and fundraisers. They are hoping to spread awareness about Palestine, host events, and do campaigns to helping the Palestinian people.


Students for Justice in Palestine – Carleton University

SJP at Carleton University aims to raise awareness on their campus about the occupation of Palestine, hold their university accountable for their support for Israel, and make sure that Palestinian voices are being represented on campus. They have organized great initiatives, namely Israeli Apartheid Week where they held a week-long series of events. They have also held Palestinian resistance movie nights, Q&A sessions, protests, rallies, memorials, poster-making sessions, and a 24-hour hunger strike in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.


Palestinian Solidarity Group – Windsor University

PSG has been an active club for many years and has done incredible solidarity work for Palestine. They work hard to inspire the student body to stand with the Palestinian liberation movement, as well as creating a safe space on campus for “Palestinian voices, narratives, culture, heritage, and history so they [are] heard, honored, and celebrated.”


Students for Palestinian Human Rights – University of Toronto

SPHR at UofT aims “to systematically raise awareness for Palestinian human rights, in an effort to create a platform for healthy and productive discussion.” They have invited guest speaker Lina Hadid, a Palestinian American lawyer, and activist. They have also hosted fundraisers and letter-writing sessions for Palestinian prisoners undergoing hunger strikes.

Association of Palestinian Students – University of Toronto-Mississauga

APS at UTM is active in spreading awareness and educating others about the Palestinian cause and culture. They have done amazing initiatives in the past, such as carrying out protests, hosting Palestinian documentary film screenings, holding Tatreez workshops, Israeli Apartheid Week Educational Campaigns, and much more!

Palestinian Cultural Club – University of Western Ontario

PCC at UWO aims to celebrate the beauty of the Palestinian culture. They work hard in showcasing Palestine with a focus on culture, heritage, and history. They have hosted many great initiatives such as Tatreez night, Dabke lessons, Human library panels, olive oil making night, and much more! They hope to share Palestinian culture and educate others on the Palestinian cause while connecting students to their roots.

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – Concordia University

SPHR at ConU aims to “advocate on a strong social justice platform to uphold the rights of Palestinian people in the face of human rights violations and all forms of discrimination, racism, misinformation, and misrepresentation.” They are a group consisting of a diverse range of members that includes Palestinian, African, Arab, Iranian, and Settler-Canadian comrades. This past March, they passed a Boycott Divestment Sanctions resolution on campus, with an 86% vote!

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – McMaster University

SPHR at McMaster University aims to bring awareness to the Palestinian solidarity movement by hosting cultural, informative, and political events highlighting the Palestinian cause. Their activities focus on the Nakba, and present-day struggles that Palestinians face.

Students for Justice in Palestine – University of Manitoba

SJP at UofM is a grassroots, interdisciplinary student collective. They aim to provide a safe space for Palestinians and other like-minded individuals seeking justice and freedom for all. They have held events such as Palestinian poetry café night, Nakba commemoration vigil, and more. This year, they are planning several large-scale events, amongst them carrying out Israeli apartheid week on their campus.

Students for Justice in Palestine – Simon Fraser University

SJP at SFU aims to work with “Palestinian civil society and solidarity groups to better inform, and eventually mobilize students and youth on the illegally occupied territories of the Coast Salish peoples for action against Zionist settler colonialism and apartheid.” They have done incredible things over the past few years, such as passing the "Palestinian Liberation Issues Policy" at the Simon Fraser Student Society, a student union representing over 25,000 undergraduate students!

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