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Stop_arming_apartheid_ENG.pngThank you for telling Trudeau to condemn Israel's violence at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  In the face of unrelenting Israeli occupation and apartheid, Canada's silence and acquiescence amounts to complicity.  

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Amnesty International and others have documented Israel's apartheid crimes - learn more here.  CJPME has documented Canada's shameful arms trade with Israel - see CJPME’s analysis: Arming Apartheid: Canada’s Arms Exports to Israel

Would you like to help the Palestinians in a humanitarian way?

The "Gaza Farm Aid" project of the CJPME Foundation is raising money to help dozens of farmers in Gaza rehabilitate land which has been damaged from years of war and destitution. 

Gaza Farm Aid" is eligible for Zakat, as the people being supported are in need, and they will have full ownership over the equipment, supplies and skill sets that are given to them over the course of the project.  Because the project also purchases fresh produce from the farmers and provides food to families during Ramadan, it is also eligible to fulfill Zakat-ul-Fitr obligations.   

Please donate by clicking here. You may also call the Foundation at 514-389-8668, or print and mail this form to donate.  More information about the campaign is provided on the Foundation's campaign Website.  Again, donations to Gaza Farm Aid are tax deductible.

 Can you help our advocacy work?

If you appreciate this campaign, please consider donating to CJPME's work. Launching these campaigns can take dozens of hours creating the text, Web pages, and emails, in both English and French. None of this is possible without the private donations of people like yourself!

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