Donald MacIntyre - Gaza: Preparing for Dawn

Donald-600x453.pngCJPME cordially invites Canadians to hear veteran UK journalist Donald MacIntyre as he talks about Gaza and his new book, Gaza: Preparing for Dawn, in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and London, Nov. 5-8, 2018. 

Mr. MacIntyre’s talk will address Israel’s dreadful treatment of Gaza, and the day-to-day struggles and resilience of the people of Gaza.  As Jerusalem correspondent for The Independent (UK) from 2004-2012, Mr. McIntyre visited Gaza many times, developing a deep appreciation and knowledge of the territory, its history, and its people.  His book, Gaza: Preparing for Dawn, recounts his experiences, and aspires to a brighter day for Gaza and its aching people.

Tour dates include (click links below for details):

Nov9-ALL.pngMr. MacIntyre is a veteran UK journalist who served as political editor for The Independent from 1993-1996.  He was then The Independent’s chief political commentator for the Middle East from 1996-2004.  Then, from 2004-2012, he was Jerusalem correspondent for The Independent, covering Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and Libya.  Between 2004 and 2012, he wrote almost 1,500 articles about the Middle East.  His latest book, “Gaza: Preparing for Dawn,” captures his sympathy and hope for the Palestinian people.

During Q&A, Mr. MacIntyre is also prepared to speak about other developing issues, for example:

  • His most recent visit to Gaza (October, 2018), and the Gaza March of Return
  • Jeremy Corbyn, his position on Palestine, and the political prospects of the UK’s Labour Party
  • The accusations of anti-Semitism within the UK Labour party
  • The anticipated Middle East “deal” being worked on by Jared Kushner for the Trump administration.

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