Oppression 101 - Home Demolitions

Israel institutes a policy of collective punishment towards Palestinians in many ways, mainly through home demolitions. Similarly, Apartheid South Africa instituted policies of demolitions of “mixed-race” communities. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Shooting Unarmed Protesters

Since early 2018, Palestinians started the peaceful "Great March of Return" campaign in Gaza to protest against the inhumane blockade; however, Israel brutally shot thousands of Palestinian civilians. This is akin to the 1919 Amritsar massacre by British colonial forces in India. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Travel Restrictions

Israel implements a permit system to control all Palestinian movement. This system is akin to Apartheid South African “passbook” laws governing where blacks could travel, live, and work. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Impoverishment

Israel’s impoverishment of Gaza through its illegal blockade and border controls resembles Australia’s intentional impoverishment of its aboriginal population. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Political Prisoners

Israel’s detention, incarceration, and torture of thousands of Palestinian political prisoners resemble Apartheid South Africa’s jailing, torture, and killing of black political prisoners. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Hunger Strikers

Israel’s mistreatment of Palestinian political prisoners has led them to start thousands of hunger strikes in protest. Likewise, Britain’s failure to recognize Northern Ireland’s political prisoners forced them to adopt similar measures. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Environmental Racism

Israel illegally dumps its trash, which is often toxic, in the occupied Palestinian territories, akin to Canada’s theft and abuse of the resources on Indigenous land. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Cultural Genocide

Israel only allocates education funds for Palestinian schools if they drop the Palestinian curriculum, which includes their history and culture. This resembles Canada’s oppressive use of “Residential Schools” to erase indigenous culture. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Segregation

Israel bans the entry of Palestinians to Jewish-only neighbourhoods and roads. This is analogous to Jim Crow-era segregation of blacks from whites in the US. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Desecration of Indigenous Heritage

In 2015, Israel demolished a Muslim cemetery to build a hotel, a nightclub, and a “Museum of Tolerance”. This is akin to the desecration of Indigenous burial grounds in the US. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Oppressive Crowd Control

Israel uses attack dogs to intimidate Palestinians peacefully protesting, similar to US Jim Crow-era use of attack dogs against African-Americans demanding their basic human rights. Continue reading


Oppression 101 - Ethnic Cleansing of Communities

Israel’s systematic eviction and demolition of Palestinian villages is similar to apartheid South Africa’s eviction of black South African towns like Sophiatown. Continue reading