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On November 11, 35 days after Israel began its horrific siege and bombing of Gaza's civilian population, CJPME published the following full-page ad in the Toronto Star!  Despite Israel having killed over 4200 children, Canada's Liberal government shamelessly refuses to intervene or call for a ceasefire.

Send a message to the Prime Minister that the genocide of Palestinians is happening on his watch!  

While we know this government will be condemned by HISTORY, we feel it necessary to condemn this government's indifference TODAY! 


The ad text reads:

Over 4237 Palestinian children have been killed by Israel, and over 1350 are missing in the rubble (Oct. 7 - Nov. 8.)  This page only fits 973 of their names.  How many more children will be killed before Canada intervenes? Demand that Canada call for a ceasefire now! ("Damning evidence of war crimes" - Amnesty International Canada.)

If you like this ad, please consider supporting CJPME's work.  Special thanks to Visualizing Palestine (VP), for their amazing partnership on this public awareness project reaching the Star's 300,000 Saturday readers. With this ad, CJPME  and VP amplify the demands of dozens of "Ceasefire Now" protests across Canada!  (If you want to see more ads like this, please donate here.)


So join one of the "Ceasefire Now" demonstrations near you! 

Please join the CJPME team and tens of thousands of others at one of dozens of weekend demonstrations demanding a ceasefire, and calling for respect for Palestinian human rights and liberation:  


Answers to frequently asked questions 

There's so much misinformation and hearsay surrounding the current war on Gaza, so CJPME has created a FAQ:  Why do we need a "ceasefire" and not a "humanitarian pause"?  Why do we call it a genocide?  Is Hamas using human shields?  What is Hamas' "right to resist"?  How far does Israel's right to "self-defence" go?  What about the slogan, "From the river to the sea..."?  This builds on CJPME's updated "talking points" on Gaza, and CJPME's Crisis Report 2023.


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