Help respond positively to events in Gaza

Like CJPME, you've probably been following events around Gaza closely these past 24 hours. Like you, we've been doing our best to respond to poor media coverage, and one-sided statements from politicians.  Here's a summary of what we've been doing, and ways you can participate.  If you believe in CJPME's work, please consider donating. 


Influencing Media Narratives

Early on Saturday, CJPME issued a strong press statement to the media that was picked up by the Canadian Press, and quoted in dozens of print and broadcast publications.  You can see us quoted in the piece in the Calgary Herald, the Toronto Star, and dozens of other publications and broadcasters. The PR contained important core points: If you're talking to your friends, some you might find useful are:

  • Canada must press for a ceasefire to end the loss of life on both sides; and ensure that Israel does not carry out indiscriminate and disproportionate acts
  • Hamas' attack comes amid near-daily, intensive, and deadly Israeli military invasions into cities, and a context of occupation, siege, and apartheid
  • Palestinians have a right to armed resistance against military occupation, although such resistance must distinguish between combatants and civilians
  • The Trudeau government has opposed all efforts by Palestinians to access justice through non-violent means, whether boycotts, UN resolutions, etc.

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After so many Canadian politicians issued imbalanced statements, CJPME issued a second press statement challenging politicians' double standard, stating:  “Where are the condemnations from Canadian politicians about Israel’s deliberate targeting of residential towers with airstrikes, the bombing of a hospital, or the decision to shut off electricity to more than 2 million civilians in the Gaza Strip?”

CJPME has been pressuring the CBC to stop parroting Israeli government terminology that describes all Palestinian resistance as terrorism.  We were happy to see - through the work of a pro-Israel group - that the CBC has told its journalists to stop aping this Israel's "terrorist" language.  This is a huge breakthrough!

In addition to the dozens of hits mentioned above, other outlets cite our position(s) in different ways, including CBC Vancouver, Niagara Falls Review, and many others. Yahoo News, for example, picked up our position and put us in an article alongside national politicians.  

Even amid all the press statements and breaking news this weekend, CJPME was also able to write strong critiques of media coverage in CBC/Reuters, CTV News, and La Presse

Our media team has identified several examples of poor coverage, and will be sending alerts later today.  If you'd like to be part of our media response, please consider becoming a Media Responder.  


Social Media Impact

Although it's a dubious distinction, you know you're being noticed on social media when the likes of Jordan Peterson, Bob Rae, CIJA and others criticize your posts. They don't like anyone in the conversation who dares talk about Israeli violations of international law, and politicians' double standards.  As always, CJPME's social media platforms have sought to highlight Palestinian narratives, and highlight the hypocrisy in Canadian politicians' positions.  If you're not doing so already, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for up-to-date commentary on the Canadian response.  

CJPME has also compiled a page of statements by many Canadian political leaders, including Justin Trudeau, Pierre Poilievre, Jagmeet Singh and many others.  Most of them are highly disappointing, and fail to explain events in the context of ongoing Israeli violence, occupation and apartheid.   

Below are a few of our social media posts that you may find interesting:

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All Fellowship Finalists 

All Fellowship Finalists 

All Fellowship Finalists 

All Fellowship Finalists


Can you support our work?

CJPME's impact on these fronts is only possible through the generosity of donors. If you believe in what CJPME is doing to influence the media and public, please consider making a gift of financial support to CJPME.  Our work depends entirely on private donations. Monthly donations are especially helpful, as they sustain our ongoing work and make it easier for us to strategize for the future. If you don't like to donate by credit card, you may donate via email transfer, over the phone (438-380-5410), or complete and mail in this form. Thank you!