Please note that CJPME's podcasts "CJPME Debrief" and "All Things Palestinian" have been combined. Find all current episodes below.

All Things Palestinian Podcast

Join our varied cast as we discuss what it means to be Palestinian, and how this intersects with Canadian politics. Depending on the topic, a combination of Tayla, Rafeef, Michael or Tom will explore ideas around Palestinian culture, art, history and Canadian politics. Our cast will also frequently be joined by guests who have special insight on the topics we discuss. See all our episodes listed below!

Fargo Tbakhi: Envisioning a future Palestine

In this episode, Tom is joined by Fargo Tbakhi, a queer Palestinian American writer and performance artist based in Washington D.C. and winner of 2018 Ghassan Kanafani Resistance Arts Prize. His writings have been published in various literary publications including The Berkeley Review. He is also the recipient of several fellowships. Fargo’s writings and performances challenge notions of erasure and colonization and propose a reality of a free and unoccupied Palestine. Continue reading


Ahmed Masoud: Amplifying Palestinian voices

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla, and Tom are joined by Ahmed Masoud, Gaza-born Palestinian writer, director, and academic based in the United Kingdom. Ahmed is the author of Come What May and Vanished which address issues in Gazan society, as well as in broader trends in Palestinian history. Ahmed has also directed a number of plays and is the co-founder of PalArt, a collective initiative aimed at promoting Palestinian voices and content in the arts and media. Listen in as we learn about Ahmed’s interest in creative writing and his efforts to amplify Palestinian voices. Continue reading


Ussama Makdisi: Narrating Our Middle Eastern History

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla, and Tom are joined Dr. Ussama Makdisi, Palestinian-American scholar and academic, currently a Professor of History and Chancellor’s Chair at the University of California Berkeley. Dr Makdisi is the author of several books and publications on sectarianism, Ottoman and Arab history, US-Arab relations, and US missionary work in the Middle East. Listen in as we discuss Dr. Makdisi’s achievements and contributions to Middle-Eastern history, Arab identity and issues around Palestine-Israel. Continue reading


Resisting Apartheid in Masafer Yatta (w/ Basel Adra and Daniel Roth)

In this episode, Michael is joined by Palestinian journalist and activist Basel Adra, and Daniel Roth of the Centre for Jewish Nonviolence, to discuss Israel’s plans to expel more than 1,000 Palestinians from their homes in Masafer Yatta. We hear about what is happening on the ground, and discuss the role of journalism and international solidarity in challenging dispossession and apartheid. Continue reading


Defending the Right to Boycott (w/ Ben Jamal of Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

In this episode, Michael is joined by Ben Jamal, Director of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) in the UK. They discuss the anti-boycott bill currently being pushed by the British conservative government, how it poses a threat to freedom of speech and expression, and how civil society is fighting back to defend the ‘right to boycott.’ Continue reading


Chris Gazaleh: Palestinian-American Muralist & Activist

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla, and Tom are joined by Chris Gazaleh, Palestinian-American muralist, activist, and community organizer. Using different mediums like ink, paint, and digital illustrations, Chris uses powerful symbols and imagery to advocate for Palestinian human rights and social justice. Listen in to learn about Chris’s art, his inspiration, and his efforts to use art to advocate for Palestinian justice and liberation.   Continue reading


Heifa Odeh: Author of "Dine in Palestine"

In this episode, Tayla and Tom are joined by Heifa Odeh, Palestinian-American chef, recipe developer and food blogger. Founder of the blog Fufu’s Kitchen and author of the recent cookbook, Dine in Palestine, Heifa seeks to celebrate and preserve traditional Palestinian dishes and recipes. Listen in to learn about Heifa’s expression and celebration of her Palestinian identity and culture through food.               Continue reading


Mirna Bamieh: Performing Palestinian Food

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla and Tom are joined by Mirna Bamieh, Palestinian chef, artist and founder of the Palestine Hosting Society - a cultural and social project that seeks to reclaim and revitalize Palestinian food practices and dishes. Listen in to learn about Mirna’s commitment to celebrating the Palestinian identity, culture, and heritage through food. Continue reading


Farah Nabulsi: From Stockbroker to Award-Winning Director

In this episode, Rafeef, Tayla, and Tom are joined by Farah Nabulsi, Palestinian-British filmmaker and human rights advocate. She has written and produced four short films including Today They Took My Son and Nightmare of Gaza. Her most recent short Present has won over 50 International awards for its powerful portrayal of the daily struggles faced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. Listen in as we discuss The Present, her inspiration, and her efforts to use film to share the Palestinian experience under Israeli occupation and apartheid system. Continue reading


Settler-Colonial Violence in Occupied Palestine (w/ Jalal Abukhater)

In this episode, Michael is joined by Jalal Abukhater, a Palestinian writer and activist based in Jerusalem, to discuss settler-colonial violence and dispossession in occupied Palestine. We discuss Israel’s attacks on the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem, Israel’s repeated military invasions in the West Bank (including this week’s deadly attack on Jenin), and the nature of Palestinian armed resistance. If you can, rate us and write a nice review if you like what you hear. It helps other people find our podcast and learn about the issues. Here are the instructions on how to find, rate, review and share the podcast on eight different platforms: Apple, Spotify, Google, TuneIn, Deezer, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and iHeartRadio. Continue reading