"All Things Palestinian Canadian" Podcast

Nur Watad from CJPME dives into the realm of what it means to be Palestinian living in Canada. She explores all aspects of Palestinian culture and art as well as history and politics to encourage Palestinian pride and engagement. Nur will frequently be joined by Palestinian guests to shed insight and perspective on new and thought-provoking topics.

Shawky Fahel: Palestinian-Canadian Business Leader and Philanthropist

Shawky Fahel came to Canada in the 1960’s and started his first business in 1979 with a $1000 loan and nothing more than a few carpet and paint supplies.  Based in Waterloo, ON, Shawky became successful businessman, political activist and philanthropist who has received innumerable awards over the years, both at the local and national level, for his various contributions.  Yet amidst all this busyness and success, he has remained committed to improving the lives of Palestinians, both in Palestine and in the diaspora in Canada.  His most recent philanthropic gesture – one that we’ll discuss during our conversation – was a donation of $100,000 to launch a Foundation for Palestinian Studies at the University of Waterloo.  Continue reading

Malak El Batroukh: Helping Palestinian Youth Connect with their Heritage

Malak El Batroukh, a Palestinian-Canadian based in Waterloo has just launched an exciting new community project called Sporas (Scattered.) Through this project, Malak aims to make Palestinian culture and tradition more accessible to diaspora youth.  In this episode, we talk to Malak about her vision for Sporas, and her broader work as a activist for Palestinian rights and freedom. Continue reading

James Kafieh: The Nakba's significance over generations of Palestinians

In this special Nakba edition, lawyer James Kafieh joins the conversation.  Kafieh has advocated for the rights of Palestinians and Arabs in Canada his whole life, leading both the Canadian Arab Federation and the Palestinian Canadian Congress at various points.  Kafieh was born in Canada to Palestinian parents who were among the first Palestinian refugees to emigrate to Canada.  Raised as a second generation Canadian, the son of immigrants, hear how his understanding of his Palestinian identity, and the Nakba has evolved over time.  Continue reading

Grace Batchoun: The challenges of Palestinian human rights organizing

Like many Palestinian Canadians, Grace Batchoun came to Canada as a young person, and had to find her way in a new country, with two new languages.  But she never forgot her Palestinian roots, and two decades after arriving in Canada, she co-founded Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME).  In this episode, Grace joins Nur to talk about her Palestinian identity, her vision and work for Palestinian human rights, and the challenges she faced along the way.   Continue reading

Dr. Munir El Kassem: How Palestinians Celebrate Ramadan in Canada

Ramadan began on April 2nd, and Palestinian Muslims join other Muslims across Canada in spiritual reflection, in acts of charity, and in gathering in community.  In this episode, Nur and Tom are joined by Dr. Munir El Kassem to talk about Ramadan, and how it can strengthen the ties of heritage, history, and identity among Muslim Palestinian-Canadians. Dr. El Kassem also describes what Ramadan traditions are unique to Palestinians, and how being an ethnic minority in North America influences Ramadan observances. Continue reading

Al Asala: Dabke in the Digital Age (w/ Omar Hassouneh & Wassef Yasin)

In the late 2000s, the Al Asala Dabke group was formed in London, Ontario. Al Asala, is an Arabic word that translates to "authenticity" in English, which is exactly what Al Asala dabke represents, and more! Al Asala is a dynamic group of young people who infuse authentic Palestinian folkloric dance with Canadian influences for a largely digital audience.  Through their creativity and media savvy, they have created an huge platform for themselves across Canada, North America, and worldwide. Their energetic videos showing off Palestinian dance steps at weddings and other events– have won them fans in the hundreds of thousands around the world. Today, two members of Al Asala, Omar Hassouneh and Wassef Yasin, join us to talk about their experiences with Al Asala, and their broader vision for this vibrant dance troupe Continue reading

Sarah El Naffar: Making it all work as a Palestinian Millennial Lifestyle Influencer

In 2021, Sarah El Naffar, social media content creator on Instagram and Tik Tok, started using her lifestyle platform to raise awareness on what’s going on in Palestine. She took it upon herself to make her younger audience understand the challenges faced by her country of origin, especially in light of Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and the events that followed in May, 2021.  Sarah joins Nur and Tom to talk about her experience as a Palestinian Canadian influencer speaking about Palestine on her social platform, and what she encountered along her journey.  Continue reading

Coming Soon: All Things Palestinian Canadian

Welcome to the All-Things Palestinian Canadian Podcast, a project of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. Together, we will dive into the realm of what it means to be Palestinian living in Canada. We will explore all aspects of Palestinian culture and art, as well as history and politics to encourage Palestinian pride and engagement. We will frequently be joined by guests to shed insight and perspective on new and thought-provoking topics regarding Palestine, and Canada!  Continue reading