CJPME's Debrief Podcast

Tom Woodley and Michael Bueckert from CJPME discuss breaking events and issues related to human rights in Palestine and the broader Middle East. Beyond the breaking stories, they’ll also invite guests with special expertise, and do episodes to provide context to the news, whether historical, legal or political.

#StandWithThe6: Will Canada Support Human Rights Defenders in Palestine?

In this episode, Tom and Michael talk about the six Palestinian human rights organizations that were criminalized by Israel in October. Many in the international community have criticized the Israeli government for falsely designating these groups as “terrorists,” but Canada’s response has been quiet. What makes these six organizations so threatening to Israel’s leadership?  How might Israel’s “terror” designation impact human rights work in Palestine, and what is the best way for other countries – including Canada – to respond? Continue reading

Defining Antisemitism: The Problem with IHRA

In this episode, Tom and Michael talk about the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) controversial definition of antisemitism. Many critics say that IHRA unfairly conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism. How broadly has the IHRA definition been adopted in Canada, and what are some of the legitimate concerns about its adoption? What are the implications of IHRA for the Palestinian solidarity movement in Canada, and how are people pushing back? Continue reading

Palestine-Israel and the Green Party: The Rise and Fall of Annamie Paul

In this episode, Tom and Michael talk about how the Green Party of Canada has handled the question of Palestinian human rights, and how this issue impacted the tenure of former Green Party leader Annamie Paul. For the past few years the Green Party has wrestled with the question of Palestine, with a series of contradictory statements and positions on the issue.  Internal turmoil over the issue boiled over this past summer, and may have contributed to Paul’s premature departure as leader.  How has this issue caused so much tension within the party, and could things have been handled differently? Continue reading

Will Canada Support Palestinians at the UN?

In this episode, Tom and Michael talk about Canada’s voting on the 16 annual UN General Assembly resolutions that relate to Palestinian human rights. In recent years, Canada has sided with Israel and a small minority of countries by voting against most of these resolutions. What exactly are these resolutions, and what is Canada likely to do this year? What does this say about Canada’s commitment to human rights? Continue reading

Coming Soon: CJPME's Debrief Podcast

Tom Woodley and Michael Bueckert introduce the CJPME Debrief podcast, and talk about their plans for upcoming episodes.   Continue reading