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Emergency_debate_-_ENG_Web_(1).pngThank you for pushing for an emergency Parliamentary debate on Jerusalem. Canada’s Parliament needs to address the situation in Jerusalem with urgency!

Earlier this week, we launched a campaign asking the government to condemn Israeli violence in Jerusalem.  If you haven’t already participated, please do so now!

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Can you attend a rally this weekend?  Here’s the list of all the rallies scheduled in Canada in the coming days that we know about:

CJPME has responded promptly and strongly to recent developments:

  • On Tuesday, CJPME issued a press release calling for an emergency parliamentary debate on what’s happening in Palestine-Israel. 
  • CJPME is maintaining a running list of all the actions taking place across Canada this week.  Please look over the list, and let us know if you are aware of any other events that should be added.
  • CJPME maintains a Twitter record of all statements from MPs about Sheikh Jarrah and Jerusalem, amplifying their voices.
  • CJPME strongly criticized the useless statement from Canada’s foreign affairs minister Marc Garneau which refused to condemn Israel’s actions.
  • Last week, CJPME issued a press release urging Canada to take action to stop the evictions in Sheikh Jarrah.
  • Last week, we called out CBC for its media bias in covering the events.

Can you help us?

If you appreciate this campaign, please consider donating to CJPME's work. Launching these campaigns can take dozens of hours creating the text, Web pages, and emails, in both English and French. None of this is possible without the private donations of people like yourself! Click here if you would like to return to the signature page for this campaign.

As Canadians, we need to take action and call our government to intervene!