Below are CJPME's most recent Position Papers. See complete list of all of CJPME's Position Papers

Position Paper: Canada, Israeli Colonies and Peace in the Middle East

This position paper displays CJPME’s recommendations concerning Canada’s policy on Israel’s illegal colonies. CJPME incites Canada to denounce Israel’s activity and its colony growth and call for a settlement freeze. 


Position Paper: Addressing the Conflict in Syria

This position paper displays a list of Policy recommendations for Canada regarding the conflict in Syria. The list includes providing humanitarian aid, helping to negotiate a ceasefire in Syria and help the country transition to a more representative government. 


Position Paper: Palestinian membership in the UN and Palestinian "statehood"

This position paper contains recommendations regarding the Palestinians’ application for full membership in the UN and its agencies and how should Canada react to it.   


Position Paper: Canada, Iran and the Middle East

This position paper discusses several points regarding how the Canadian government should treat Iran and handle the arm deals.


Position Paper: Canada and Palestinian Refugees

This position paper discusses several points regarding how the Canadian government should handle the Palestinian refugees.


Position Paper: The Middle East and Canada's loss of International Stature

In October, 2010, Canada lost its bid for a place on the UN Security Council (UNSC). This is the first time in six decades that Canada has sought a seat on the Security Council and failed to win it. Canada must change its approach to Middle East policy or it will be increasingly marginalized at the UN. 


Position Paper: Canada and Funding for UNRWA

The UNRWA is the caretaker human development and relief agency for Palestinian refugees. It provides educational programs, relief and social services, health programs, microenterprise and microfinance programs, and emergency relief. In January, 2010, the Canadian government announced it would curtail funding to UNRWA and redirect aid to projects in the Palestinian Authority (PA). This position paper explains why Canada’s decision will be counterproductive if it seeks to address the root causes of extremism and promote peace and stability between Israel and Palestine and provides recommendations. 


Position Paper: Canada, Israel and the Blockade of Gaza

This position paper looks at the impact of the Blockade of Gaza, and proposes a list of suggestions to the Canadian government to put a term to the injustices against the Palestinians. Recommendations such as insisting with Israel to end the Blockade, stop marginalizing Hamas and clarifying its human engagement to Palestinians.


Position Paper: Canada and the Gaza Aid Flotilla Attack

The Gaza flotilla raid was a military operation by Israel against six civilian ships of the "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" on 31 May 2010 in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. Nine activists were killed in the raid. This position paper presents recommendations on how the Canadian government should handle the aftermath of this attack. 


Position Paper: Canada, Israeli Colonies and Peace in the Middle East

This paper looks at the impacts of Israeli colony growth and highlights the importance for the Canadian’s government to actively oppose this colonial expansion and to pressure Israel to respect international law.