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IHRA's True Intentions: This is the Speech about Israel and Palestine that IHRA wants to Silence (December 2022)

Delegation to Palestine (October - November 2022)

Voting Against its Own Interests (September 2022)

Israel's Crimes of Apartheid and Canada's Arms Trade (May 2022)

Arming Apartheid: Canada's Arms Exports to Israel (April 2022)

Consistent Application of Measures to Uphold International Law – Israel and Russia (March 2022)

A Constructive Role for Canada in Palestine-Israel (February 2022)



Beyond the Two State Solution: A New Canadian Foreign Policy for the Middle East (July 2021)

CMF and CJPME Open Letter on Islamophobia (January 2021)

Protecting Academic Freedom on Israel-Palestine: CJPME Submission To U of T External Review (January 2021)



The IHRA is Designed to Silence Speech: CJPME Submission on Bill 198 (December 2020)



Quebec's Bill 51: Islamophobia Manifested Again (June 2019)

Response to Motion M-153 (June 2019)

Motion M-153 An Attempt to Downplay the Problem of Islamophobia in Canada (June 2019)

January 29th as a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia (May 2019)

Opposing Illegal Israeli Territorial Ambitions (May 2019)



Responding to Trump's Israel-Palestine Debacle (November 2018)

Canada and Saudi Arabia: A Complex and Contradictory Relationship (September 2018)



Canada's Response to Middle Eastern Authoritarian Regimes (May 2017)

Islamophobia In Canada (May 2017)

For a Constructive Role in the Israel-Palestinian Situation (May 2017)

Canadian Attitudes on Israel-Palestine- Poll from January 2017 (May 2017)

Bill C-47 and the International Arms Trade Treaty (April 2017)



Boycott,Divestment, Sanctions (October, 2016) | PDF

Syrian Civil War (April, 2016) | PDF

Syrian Refugees (April, 2016) | PDF

Canada and ISIS, and International&Domestic response (April, 2016) | PDF

Canada's Response to Middle Eastern Authoritarian Regimes (April, 2016) | PDF

For a Constructive Role in the Israel Palestinian Solution (April, 2016) | PDF

Canada and the BDS Movement (April, 2016) | PDF

Principles for a Constructive and Human Canadian Policy in the Middle East (January, 2016) | PDF






Canada and Militant Islamic Groups (October, 2014) | PDF

Canada and Gaza (August, 2014) | PDF



Canada's Response to Middle Eastern Authoritarian Regimes (November, 2013) | PDF

For a constructive role in the Israel-Palestinian Situation (November, 2013) | PDF

Canada's response to the Syrian Civil War (February, 2013) | PDF7



Canada, Israeli Colonies and Peace in the Middle East (September, 2012) | PDF

Addressing the Conflict in Syria (May, 2012) | PDF



Palestinian membership in the UN and Palestinian "statehood" (November, 2011) PDF

Canada, Iran and the Middle East (May, 2011) PDF



Canada and Funding for UNRWA (November, 2010) PDF

Canada and Palestinian Refugees (November, 2010) | PDF

The Middle East and Canada's loss of International Stature (November, 2010) | PDF

Canada and Israeli Apartheid Week (July, 2010) | PDF

Canada and Neclear Weapons in the Middle East (July, 2010) | PDF

Canada, Israel and the Blockade of Gaza (July, 2010) | PDF

Canada and the Gaza Aid Flotilla Attack (July, 2010) | PDF

Canada, Israeli Colonies and Peace in the Middle East (July, 2010) | PDF



Discriminatory Israeli visa policies applied to Canadian nationals (December, 2009) | PDF

Responding to recent Human Rights Reports on Gaza (December, 2009) | PDF

Finding a new way to stability in the Middle East (March, 2009) | PDF

Israel's unacceptable war on Gaza (January, 2009) | PDF



Dangers of Canada-Israel "Public Safety" cooperation (May, 2008) | PDF

The Politically Imposed Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza (May, 2008) | PDF

Protecting Canadian Peacekeepers in Lebanon (February, 2008) | PDF

Humanitarian & Political Crisis in Gaza (January, 2008) | PDF

The Annapolis Process for Palestine-Israel (January, 2008) | PDF



For a Relevant & Positive Canadian Middle East Policy (June, 2007) | PDF

Carter's Advice for Middle East Policy (February, 2007) | PDF



A Canadian Re-Assessment of the Destruction of Lebanon (September, 2006) | PDF

The Politically-Imposed Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza (September, 2006) | PDF

Israeli-Hezbollah Cross-Border Violence (July, 2006) | PDF

Israeli Violence in Gaza (July, 2006) | PDF

Canadian Relations, and Aid Commitments to the Palestinian Authority (May, 2006) | PDF



Canadian Foreign Policy, Israeli Colonies, and Cifta (August, 2005) | PDF



Canadian Policy as it Relates to Israel's Wall (December, 2004) | PDF