Below are CJPME's most recent Position Papers. See complete list of all of CJPME's Position Papers

Position Paper: Canada, Israeli Colonies and Peace in the Middle East

This paper looks at the impacts of Israeli colony growth and highlights the importance for the Canadian’s government to actively oppose this colonial expansion and to pressure Israel to respect international law. 


Position Paper: Canada and Israeli Apartheid Week

This position paper discusses several points regarding how the Canadian government should handle the Israeli Apartheid Week.


Position Paper: Canada and Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East

This position paper displays CJPME’s recommendations concerning Canada’s policy on nuclear weapons in the Middle East.


Position Paper: Discriminatory Israeli visa policies applied to Canadian nationals

Since the Spring of 2009, Israel has begun introducing new processes at its border crossings which are affecting Canadian nationals travelling in the region. These new measures have very unfortunate repercussions – and even legal implications – for Canadians travelling to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. 


Position Paper: Responding to recent Human Rights Reports on Gaza

In the ten months following Israel’s assault on Gaza last winter, numerous different human rights reports were commissioned and completed. Of all the reports, however, the most prominent and comprehensive report was the “Goldstone Report,” a fact finding mission commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council, led by Justice Richard Goldstone, issued on Sept. 25th, 2009. This position paper displays recommendations that have been framed around the work of the Goldstone Report. 


Position Paper: Finding a new way to stability in the Middle East

This position paper lists a number of actions that Canada should take to deal more efficiently with instability in the Middle East. Actions like increasing the human and humanitarian help for Gaza, rejecting the status quo in the Middle East and dealing with Hamas.


Position paper: Israel's unacceptable war on Gaza

This paper examines the decisions that should be taken by the Canadian government regarding the Gaza war.



This position paper presents CJPME’s various recommendations regarding Canada’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Recommendations as demanding to stop all Israeli collective punishment or distancing itself from the Bush Administration approach to Hamas.


Position Paper: Dangers of Canada-Israel "Public Safety" Cooperation

On March 23, 2008, Canada signed a “Declaration of Intent” with Israel to cooperate on public safety. Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) feels that this agreement was unwise and ill conceived, as it undermines Canadian values of equality and basic freedoms. CJPME believes that Canadians should question both 1) the reasons for Canada’s involvement in such an agreement, and 2) the essence of the envisaged public safety cooperation. CJPME believes that this agreement must be annulled.



This position paper contains recommendations to properly follow up on the murder of Canadian peacekeeper Major Paeta Hess-Von Krudener by the Israeli Army on July 25th, 2006.  These recommendations are made subsequent to the issuance on Feb. 1, 2008 of the Canadian Board of Inquiry (BOI) report.