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Israel: A Democracy for Jews Only – Abuses Against its Palestinian-Arab Citizens

CJPME Analysis, published May, 2008: This analysis paper displays the numerous discriminations experienced by the Palestinian-Arab citizens in Israel.

CJPME Interview: Susan Nathan, author of The Other side of Israel

CJPME Analysis, published May, 2008: In May, 2008, a CJPME staff writer called Israeli author Susan Nathan in Tamra, Israel and conducted the following interview.  The CJPME-Montreal book club had recently discussed Nathan’s book, and had been intrigued by her description of the discrimination against Arabs in Israel-proper.  Nathan is an Israeli jew who has been living in an ethnically Arab town in Israel for many years.

40 Years of Illegal Israeli Occupation Must End For Peace To Flourish

CJPME Analysis, published June, 2007: This document portrays the forty years of Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and explains Ottawa’s part in the process. The analysis also provides few recommendations for Canada’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Continue reading

The Saudi Peace Proposal: Seeking a change to the status quo

CJPME Analysis, published May, 2007: Under Saudi Arabia’s leadership, Arab nations relaunched their blueprint for peace with Israel at the conclusion of a March 28-29, 2007 summit in Riyadh. The Saudi (a.k.a. Arab or Riyadh) proposal, unchanged from the original 2002 Beirut plan, directly addresses the formidable final-status issues, and has the backing of all members of the Arab League except Libya. This document explains the terms, implications and repercussions of the Saudi peace initiative.

Dead end in South Lebanon

CJPME Analysis, published September, 2006: In the summer of 2006, Ali Al-Akhrass, a 35-year-old owner of a large Jean Coutu Pharmacy in Montreal and his 24-year-old wife Amira took their four children on a vacation to Lebanon. Two weeks into their visit, the Al-Akhrass family vacation turned into a devastating tragedy.