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The news from Palestine is tragic, upsetting, and sobering.  We at CJPME have joined and led campaigns, protests, and petitions to save Palestinians in Gaza, and to protect the rights of Palestinians and their allies in Canada!  And while our hearts are still ache for the innocents in Gaza, it's still important to celebrate breakthroughs when we have them in Canada.

Take a look at our collective WINS below, and be reminded that our collective actions DO make a difference

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HUGE WIN – Reinstatement of Dr. Ben Thomson at MacKenzie Health

Dr. Ben Thomson was abruptly suspended without pay by MacKenzie Health after his pro-Palestine social media posts elicited complaints from colleagues.  In addition to the unfair actions of his employer, Ben himself was doxed and threatened.  But after getting legal help, and after 14,000 emails were sent in support of him, Ben accepted a settlement by MacKenzie Health, and was fully reinstated.  Thanks to everyone who supported Ben through his difficult ordeal!

HUGE WIN – Hamilton Spectator Backs Down, Runs Ad After Boycott Threat

On Nov. 23, the Hamilton Spectator (the Spec) rejected a paid ad from CJPME which listed the names of the Palestinian children killed by Israel.  Yet just days before, the Spec had accepted an ad that ran the photos of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.  CJPME and allies called for the boycott of the Spec after this boldfaced double-standard… and after local pressure and 1100 emails, the Spec backed down and ran the ad!

HUGE WIN – Alhalees Family Exits Gaza, and Canada Provides More Options to Gaza Families with Canadian Links

By December 8, when CJPME launched its campaign supporting him, Ontario-based Palestinian-Canadian Nael Alhalees had been pushing for two months for the Canadian government to help him get his wife and two kids out of Gaza.  His wife and children have moved 35 times since Oct. 7, and had gotten sick with fever and vomiting from eating tainted food and water. Over 1600 used CJPME’s campaign to email the government to help Alhalees and other families in a similar situation.  And just a week later, his family made it to Egypt!  Better yet, on Dec. 21, the Canadian government announced new measures allowing Gaza-based family members of Canadian citizens.  A life-changing win for Alhalees, and any other Canadians with family in Gaza!

HUGE WIN – Censure of Quebec Doctor Who Encouraged the Genocide of Palestinians in Gaza

In a campaign focused on our Quebec members, we called for the suspension of Quebec Dr. Éric Sabbah for a genocidal post on Facebook (original in French) stating, “Whatever the images from Gaza, everything has to be razed to the ground…” adding, “It's impossible to tell the good guys from the bad...” The Journal de Montréal covered the story stating that complaints had been raised with Quebec’s Medical College and Quebec Health Board.  Just last week, we were informed that the College of Physicians of Quebec had scheduled a disciplinary hearing for Dr. Sabbah.  Thanks to the 2600+ people who supported this successful campaign!

HUGE WIN – Charges Against Calgary Protest Leader Wesam Khaled are Stayed

On Sunday, Nov. 5, following a large and successful protest for Palestine in Calgary, protest organiser Wesam Khaled was wrongly arrested by Calgary police.  Charged with "disturbing the peace," the police told Khaled that the charge was related to his use of the chant "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”  CJPME and others rallied around Khaled, and on Nov. 17, Calgary police announced that the charges had been stayed!  Thanks and congratulations to the 13,000+ Canadians who supported Khaled!

HUGE STEP – Canada Votes for a Ceasefire in Gaza After Millions Take Action

CJPME and its campaigns and protests were just one element among many that, slowly over two months, compelled the Canadian government to vote for a ceasefire at the UN on Dec. 12.  CJPME ran three big campaigns: End the Bloodshed, It’s a Genocide, and Call your MP that together garnered over 40,000 participants!  For many of us, Canada’s vote was still “too little, too late,” and because Canada and other countries haven’t exerted REAL pressure, Israel continues its killing in Gaza with impunity.  But the Trudeau Liberals have been feeling the collective pressure from all of us, and we’ve just got to keep at it!  Thanks to everyone for their tireless efforts!

POSTIVE MOVEMENT – Nursing Student Arij Al Khafagi Allowed to Continue Some Courses

In CJPME, we were aghast when U. of Manitoba nursing student Arij Al Khafagi was summarily suspended from her nursing program for social media posts in support of Palestine.  Despite being an exemplary student, and president of the Nursing Students' Association, the discipline imposed on Arij was extremely swift and harsh.  After almost 12,000 responded in support of Arij, the University has allowed Arij to continue with her on-line courses while the outcome of Arij’s appeal is pending.  We await the outcome of the appeal, and will continue to support Arij as she seeks justice!

POSTIVE MOVEMENT – Case of Principal Rich Ward Has Positive Developments

While CJPME is not in a position to discuss details, the almost 4000 emails supporting Principal Rich Ward have very likely had a positive influence on his case with the Peel District School Board (PDSB.)  Rich was suspended from his job for weeks while the PDSB supposedly investigated a brief tweet he made suggesting that Israel was possibly committing a genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.  Like other employers, the PDSB had seemingly caved to vague criticisms about Ward’s post, with total disregard for his right to free expression.  Thanks to everyone who has stood with Rich through this ordeal.

POSITIVE MOVEMENT – Call to censure anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic Ottawa Teacher

In parallel with other Ottawa-based groups, CJPME sought to call attention to Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) teacher Lisa Levitan, who suggested that anyone who didn’t support Israel was essentially a supporter of terrorists.  Like over 2800 others, we in CJPME felt that the OCDSB needed to take a close look at Levitan, and determine whether her toxic nature were appropriate for an educator.  Like others involved in this case, the OCDSB has assured us that they are taking the allegations against Levitan very seriously.

POSITIVE MOVEMENT – Ontario MPP Sarah Jama Will Likely have the ‘Last Laugh’

When Ontario MPP Sarah Jama criticized Israel’s genocide of Palestinians and called for a Free Palestine, both her party (the Ontario NDP) and the Ontario Legislature tried to shut her down.  At the time, CJPME launched a petition entitled, “We admire Sarah Jama’s heart for the Palestinians, their dignity and their humanity,” and over 3200 have signed it.  We continue to admire Jama and her fight to reverse the censure she has faced by her party and the Ontario legislature.  And now that the Federal government has voted for a ceasefire – the very position that Jama first advocated in October – we expect that it’s just a matter of time before her opponents are going to have to back down.

PENDING – Black, Muslim, Female Anti-racism Facilitator Barred from Leading Anti-Oppression Program

In a bizarre, tone-deaf decision, the University of Toronto School of Medicine (TFOM) made the decision to cancel an anti-oppression program as long as social justice educator, Rania El Mugammar, was involved. Citing vague concerns about “antisemitism” on El Mugammar’s Twitter platform – without reference to any specific Tweet – the TFOM leadership abandoned its complaint process and effectively cancelled the anti-oppression program because of its Black, Muslim, female facilitator.  Slightly over a week old, this campaign has 2800 people who very much condemn TFOM outrageous action in this case.

PENDING – Calling CaRMS to Protect Medical Trainees from Anti-Palestinian Bigotry

A CBC news article revealed that pro-Israel doctors planned to use their influence to manipulate the professional placement of medical students. The article showed screenshots where members of a private Facebook group discuss plans to pressure medical residency program (CaRMS) administrators to penalize students who had signed a petition calling for an end to Israel’s bombing of Gaza hospitals.  This interference with the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) process is an appalling breach of ethics, and over 2400 Canadians believe this should trigger an immediate investigation into the CaRMS process.  Less than a week old, this campaign is very likely to see some positive action, as the Canadian medical establishment is rocked by these allegations.

PENDING – Campaign to Drop the Charges against the 'Peace 11'

In November, 11 peace activists were violently arrested by Toronto police and are being investigated for allegedly putting red paint and posters on the storefront of an Indigo bookstore, in protest of Indigo CEO Heather Reisman’s indirect financial support for the Israeli military. The severe charges and mistreatment of these activists, and terming their actions “hate-motivated” by the police were completely unjustified.  These actions were also an act of intimidation intended to silence critics of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza.  So far, over 1300 people have expressed their disagreement with the Toronto police’s handling of this case, but we are not aware of any movement on this case.

WE’VE ONLY JUST STARTED – Calling Canada to End its Arms Trade with Israel

Israel’s brutal war against Gaza has targeted civilians and civilian infrastructure at an alarming rate. Over 70% of the casualties have been women and children, and Israel has severely damaged all of Gaza’s necessities of life: housing, water, energy, food, and the healthcare system. Not only do Israel’s military actions amount to war crimes, but UN experts warn of a “genocide in the making.” Despite Canada’s vote for a ceasefire at the UN, Canada continues to export weapons to Israel at record-high levels, making the Canadian government complicit in Israel’s violence.  Almost 9000 people have already called for an end to this trade in our campaign launched just two weeks ago, and were not going to stop pushing!

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