Supporting Palestine Solidarity: Drastic times call for drastic measures

It is often said that "desperate times call for desperate measures," and we feel like this perfectly embodies the amazing and inspiring response of the Palestine solidarity movement in Canada.  Since Oct. 7, across the country, Canadians have protested, campaigned, advocated, emailed, petitioned and donated in support of the Palestinians of Gaza.  CJPME is so proud to be part of an amazing generation of Canadians who have stood up in support of the humanity, human rights and liberation of Palestinians.

While we remain heartbroken for all that has been lost and destroyed in Gaza, we must be proud of all that we've collectively accomplished and proven in Canada.  Here's a quick recap of some of the ways CJPME and its supporters have stood up for justice for Palestinians.  If you're proud of our collective efforts, please consider supporting our work financially.

1. Every week, CJPME published comprehensive lists of pro-Palestinian demonstrations across Canada.  We salute the CJPME and other grassroots leaders who organized and led these demonstrations, rain, or shine, or snow.  We also salute the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who came out week after week to tell our political leaders that Israel's violence in Gaza must end.  Our work is not over, but the Canadian government did, finally, vote for a ceasefire at the UN last week.

2. While hundreds of thousands were in the streets, hundreds of thousands enabled the success of our email campaigns.  Next week we'll provide an update on the success of our many campaigns, but to recap, we pressured the Trudeau government to call for a ceasefire, to recognize Israel's genocide in Gaza, to hold Israel to account at the UN, and to stop selling arms to Israel.  Tens of thousands more helped us defend courageous doctors, educators, students, protestors, families stuck in Gaza, and politicians who spoke out for humanity in Gaza.

3. We're also so proud of our media advocacy work, and the hundreds of "Media Responders" who helped us improve media coverage on Gaza.  CJPME staff addressed issues of coverage in hundreds of articles and broadcasts, and sent almost 100 media alerts. Our "Media Responders," in turn, wrote literally thousands of unique and personalized letters to media.  In the end, CJPME and its secret army of "Media Responders" got factual errors and media fabrications fixed, got letters and op-eds published, changed false headlines, got maps replaced, and misleading terminology updated.  See our Media Accountability Project website for more details.

4. CJPME also had a deep impact on the public and political discourse.  CJPME was mentioned in "mainstream media" about 1000 times since Oct. 7: a testament to our timely and informed statements and policy positions.  Since Oct. 7, CJPME issued over 30 statements to the press; published policy proposals for 1) a ceasefire, 2) an arms embargo on Israel and 3) diplomatic pressure on Israel; had dozens of meetings with politicians and their staffers; and published talking points on the war and Israel's brutality.  We also hosted Webinars to orient and train people to engage with their elected representatives and the media. 

5. And let's not forget our amazing full-page ads calling for a ceasfire that we published in the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Hamilton Spectator.  Nor can we forget about our timely and politically-astute daily content on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which provided a deeply insightful view on Canadian developments on Palestine.  

While all of the above is from Oct. 7 or later, we can't avoid mentioning five key research accomplishments from earlier in the year, including:

  1. A 50-page report on anti-Palestinian racism in Canada (December),
  2. A 28-page report demonstrating how the Canada-Israel Free-Trade agreement enables Israel's annexation of Palestinian land (September),
  3. An in-depth factsheet exploring the Palestinians' legal right to resistance  (August),
  4. A 19-page report comparing the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli detention to child detainees in Canada (June), and
  5. A 45-page report documenting Canadian politicians and businesses that had advertised on an anti-Palestinian Website (April.)  

Thanks for partnering with us to make all of the above possible, both through your participation, and through your financial support.

Can you support our work?

CJPME's impact on all these fronts is only possible through the generosity of donors. If you believe in what CJPME is doing to influence politicians and politics, please consider making a gift of financial support to CJPME.  Our work depends entirely on private donations. Monthly donations are especially helpful, as they sustain our ongoing work and make it easier for us to strategize for the future. If you don't like to donate by credit card, you may donate via email transfer, over the phone (438-380-5410), or complete and mail in this form.

Thank you for supporting our collective efforts.  Every little bit makes a difference!