Please stand in solidarity with Palestine on Giving Tuesday

Tomorrow, November 29, is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.  And today is “Giving Tuesday,” a day to shift the focus from the Western consumerism of "Black Friday," to caring and community. Both days were established by the UN, and both days promote the idea of generosity and solidarity with Palestine. Continue reading


Weekend protests, actions & resources

Over one month has passed, over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed, 4700 of them children, and still Canada's Liberal government has not called for a ceasefire.  Although the government has not called for a ceasefire, the NDP, the Greens, and the Bloc Québécois have all done so, and a majority of Canadians support a ceasefire, according to a poll published by Angus-Reid last week.  Continue reading


See our full-page ad in Toronto Star

On November 11, 35 days after Israel began its horrific siege and bombing of Gaza's civilian population, CJPME published the following full-page ad in the Toronto Star!  Despite Israel having killed over 4200 children, Canada's Liberal government shamelessly refuses to intervene or call for a ceasefire. Send a message to the Prime Minister that the genocide of Palestinians is happening on his watch!   While we know this government will be condemned by HISTORY, we feel it necessary to condemn this government's indifference TODAY!  Continue reading


47 Weekend ceasefire protests, other actions & resources

Over one month has passed, over 10,500 Palestinians have been killed, 4300 of them children, and still the Canadian government doesn't see fit to call for a ceasefire.  Although the NDP, the Greens, and the Bloc Québécois have all called for a ceasefire, our Canadian government seems totally indifferent to Palestinian suffering.  Continue reading


Weekend protests and other actions to oppose the genocide

This past week, it has become painfully more clear that we are witnessing an Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.  We must do everything in our power to reject any acceptance, apathy or indifference to this crime.    Continue reading


Weekend demonstrations, events & actions

As long as the reckless and inhumane bombardment of Gaza's civilians continues, we cannot rest.  Please express your solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza and elsewhere this weekend at one of the many demonstrations across Canada (see below.)  Our efforts and "noise" have not gone unnoticed these past few weeks, whether demonstrating in the streets, writing to politicians, writing to the media, and other actions.  Thanks to everyone for their part in maintaining the pressure!  Continue reading


Stand up and be counted!

Our heartaches for the people of Gaza is beyond words.  Yet despite the indifference of the West, we cannot be silent.  We encourage you to take action on-line via other tools below.  If you see on-line hate or incitement to hate, we have launched a tool to enable you to capture and record such incidents.  Almost 18,000 Canadians have emailed Trudeau and their own MP using our email tool.  Join them now!  And if you've already emailed; do it again.  Donate to Gaza humanitarian aid.  The CJPME Foundation is working with partners to ensure that our aid gets in as soon as it's permitted. Ramp up on the issues.  Check out our talking points, statements and recommendations. Continue reading


Use our new tool to phone your MP, demand a ceasefire

More than two weeks after Israel's collective punishment against the Palestinians of Gaza began, the Canadian government still refuses to call for a ceasefire.  While every day brings news of Israel's bombing of Gaza hospitals, Israel's destruction of Gaza schools and buildings, and Israel's blocking of humanitarian aid, our politicians talk gibberish about Israel's "self defence" and not about Israeli genocide.  If the tens of thousands of messages we've sent to our "leaders" haven't been noticed, then it's time to call them up at their offices! Continue reading


Stop Nakba 2.0! Now more than ever, your help is needed

Words cannot express our worry and fear for the two million civilians of Gaza.  Over the weekend, Israel has ordered half the population of Gaza to move to the south of the territory, and has taken actions that suggest they plan to dispossess millions of Palestinians from Gaza - literally a Nakba 2.0.  Seemingly indifferent, the Trudeau government refuses to push for a ceasefire even after more than 2500 Palestinians have been killed.  Let it be said that you did not sit idly by while our political leaders watched Israel turn Gaza to dust, slaughter its people, and commit another mass atrocity. Continue reading


Help respond positively to events in Gaza

Like CJPME, you've probably been following events around Gaza closely these past 24 hours. Like you, we've been doing our best to respond to poor media coverage, and one-sided statements from politicians.  Here's a summary of what we've been doing, and ways you can participate.  If you believe in CJPME's work, please consider donating.    Influencing Media Narratives Early on Saturday, CJPME issued a strong press statement to the media that was picked up by the Canadian Press, and quoted in dozens of print and broadcast publications.  You can see us quoted in the piece in the Calgary Herald, the Toronto Star, and dozens of other publications and broadcasters. The PR contained important core points: If you're talking to your friends, some you might find useful are: Continue reading