Meet Palestinian filmmakers, writers, artists, and more!

CJPME invites you to check out the exciting new episodes of our “All Things Palestinian” Podcast, where our hosts and their guests explore the deep questions and reflections around Palestine. Our most recent episode features Darin Sallam, Director of Farha, and next week's episode will feature Farah Nabulsi, Director of The Present. Both films are currently on Netflix. The “All Things Palestinian” podcast seeks to promote Palestinian pride and engagement through the exploration of Palestinian art, culture, history, and heritage. You can listen to the episodes on our Website, or via any major podcast platform, whether Apple, Spotify or others. Continue reading


CJPME launches groundbreaking Media Accountability Project

CJPME is thrilled to announce the launch of a new initiative to challenge media bias against Palestinians and Palestinian narratives. CJPME’s Media Accountability Project Website is home to this exciting new capability, where we monitor and confront media coverage which ignores, disparages or de-contextualizes Palestinian narratives. Continue reading


CJPME Debrief podcast hits over 10,000 downloads!

A few weeks ago, the CJPME Debrief podcast reached the “10,000 downloads” milestone! This is an amazing achievement for this CJPME podcast which provides news, commentary and interviews on everything relating to Canada and Palestine. If you haven’t already tried it, you can listen on our Website, or via your mobile device: we’re on all the major podcast platforms: Apple, Google, Spotify and more.   Continue reading


Please welcome CJPME's six new board members!

In our AGM of December, 2022, CJPME had the honour of welcoming six brilliant new individuals to our Board.  This dynamic group will join our existing Board to begin a new era for the organization, expanding our impact and reach.  As a first step in revitalizing our work, the Board will work with CJPME staff and volunteers in the months ahead to develop a new strategic plan for the organization. Read the bios of our Board leaders below, and please join us in giving a hearty welcome to the newcomers, and in thanking our long-serving veterans.   2023 will be an important year for CJPME, as we respond to Israel's dangerous right-wing government, and its brutal oppression of Palestinians. We'll need all the support we can get as we push our politicians and media to recognize the terrible abuses suffered by the Palestinian people.  If you support our critical work, please consider making a donation to CJPME. Monthly donations are especially helpful, as they sustain our ongoing work. If you don't like to give by credit card, you can give via email transfer, over the phone (438-380-5410), or by completing and mailing in this form.  Continue reading


Meet the winners of CJPME’s academic fellowships!

CJPME is thrilled to introduce the six winners and finalists for our 2022-2023 academic fellowships! CJPME's academic fellowships are intended to encourage students to pursue formal academic study on Palestine or Palestine Solidarity. These fellowships are part of CJPME's Campus Solidarity initiative launched earlier this year, which supports students through campaigns, resources, grants, fellowships, and legal advice.   Continue reading


Three Critical Projects for 2023

Last week, we highlighted our impressive accomplishments (below), with new breakthroughs with students, the media and politicians! But huge new challenges loom for 2023. Can you help reach our new goals below? #1: Expand our Lobbying with Members of Parliament 2022 was our best year yet in terms of strengthening relationships with members of Parliament (MPs)! Our analysis and input were more solicted by politicians and policymakers than ever before. Our report on Canadian arms sales to Israel and our UN Dashboard were just two initiatives that garnered wide attention on Parliament Hill. But we need to hire a Parliamentary Policy Analyst to do even more: more one-on-one meetings with MPs; more incisive analysis; more lobbying! Can you donate to strengthen our lobbying? Continue reading


CJPME 2022 Impact Report – a year of accomplishments!

World opinion on Israel is clearly starting to change!: public opinion polls show increasing disapproval; the media are far more skeptical of the Israeli line; and human rights organizations accuse Israel of apartheid. And CJPME is part of this change, with another amazing year of accomplishments. In 2022, CJPME was quoted more than ever by the media, and contacted more than ever to provide our expertise to politicians and policymakers. 2022 saw us expand our work with students in a major way, send our VP to Palestine to network with Palestinian NGOs and activists, and carry out dozens of other impactful campaigns and activities. Check out our 2022 highlights below to see the full breadth of our impact! And if you’re not already doing so, get the day-to-day updates by following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Continue reading


CJPME offering fellowships for student research on Palestine!

Now that CJPME's 2022 grants for student solidarity groups have been awarded, CJPME is thrilled to invite applications for its student research fellowships.  CJPME's fellowships are offered to individual students working on academic projects related to Palestinian identity, culture, politics, self-determination, decolonization, political advocacy, media advocacy, or related themes. Please share this opportunity with any student you may know who is doing accredited research on Palestine or Paletinians.  Applications are now open until Monday, Dec. 5, at 12:01 a.m.  Click here to apply now! Continue reading


Meet the Recipients of CJPME's Student Grants for 2022

CJPME is thrilled to announce the recipients of our 2022 Student Grants! CJPME's Student Grants are intended to strengthen Palestine solidarity groups on post-secondary campuses, and this year, we have 12 student group recipients! These grants are part of CJPME's Campus Solidarity initiative launched earlier this year, which supports student groups through grants, fellowships, campaign support, informational resources, and legal advice. Each of the 12 groups listed below is receiving $250 from CJPME to empower and enable their work. Check out the photos and blurbs below to get to know them better. Continue reading


This summer, talk to your MP about Palestine!

Montreal, July 14, 2022 — These past few months, CJPME representatives met with dozens of members of Parliament (MPs) to discuss Canada’s position on Palestine and related topics. Now we need your help to reach out to your own member of Parliament to hold them accountable to represent you. MPs can’t “represent” you if they don’t know what you want.   Continue reading