Tell Trudeau: End Israeli Atrocities at the Al Aqsa Mosque!

Words cannot describe the shock and horror from videos of Israeli soldiers beating worshippers - including women - in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound before dawn on Wednesday.  Israeli soldiers beat Palestinians with batons and rifle butts aggressively and repeatedly at the Qibli Mosque on the grounds of Al Aqsa.  Details are still emerging, but dozens of Palestinian Ramadan worshippers were injured when the police raided the mosque. Women can be heard crying out in pain and fear.   We demand a clear condemnation from Canada!  The Trudeau government's passive stance toward Israel's government must end.  Canada must end its complicity now!


Tell Canadian University Presidents: Stop Empowering Israeli Apartheid!

This summer, presidents and other high-placed university representatives from over 15 Canadian universities went on a trip to Israel intended to deepen ties between Canadian and Israeli universities. Sadly, these university leaders ignored both the international movement for an academic boycott of Israel, and the fact that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have asserted that Israel practices apartheid against Palestinians. CJPME and its student and faculty allies believe that a trip – sponsored by the pro-Israel lobby group CIJA – to expand academic ties with an apartheid country is both unwise and unethical!


Guelph CSA must block approval of pro-apartheid group

The Guelph CSA bylaws commit the organization to building a student community "free from all forms of oppression."  Nevertheless, the CSA is poised to accredit a group called, "Guelph Students Supporting Israel."  This is highly problematic, as Amnesty International says that Israel practices apartheid against Palestinians.  Members of the Guelph Palestinian Students Association (GPSA) and their families have been directly impacted by Israel's apartheid system, and believe that if the CSA accredits a campus organization committed to "supporting Israel," it enables new forms of oppression on campus.


Tell Trudeau: Boycott Israel’s Extremist Government

Israel has just ushered in the most far-right government in its history. This new government and its extremist figures pose a real and immediate threat to the safety and security of Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line. And yet, we were outraged to see the Canadian government congratulate Israel’s new far-right regime, without any mention of its extremism or its alarming plans to illegally annex the occupied West Bank. Continue reading


Tell Trudeau: Vote to Investigate Israel’s Occupation!

In the next few days, the UN will be voting on an important resolution to refer Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). This could be a major step forward for holding Israel accountable, but Canada is planning to vote against it! If passed, the ICJ will be asked to provide a legal opinion on whether Israel’s military occupation of Palestinian territory is now illegal, given that Israel seems intent on holding onto Palestinian land forever. Although Canada has opposed this resolution in the past, it has an opportunity to change its mind and support this resolution in an upcoming UN General Assembly plenary vote. Fill out the fields below to send an email to the Prime Minister, Canada’s UN Ambassador, key Ministers and diplomats, and your local MP. Tell Canada to stand up for international law by supporting the UN vote for an ICJ opinion on Israel’s occupation.


London, ON, School Board Must Apologize to Palestinian Canadians

Earlier this week, the London, ON School Board (TVDSB) issued new “Guidelines for student dress.”  In the FAQ of these guidelines, a “Free Palestine” t-shirt was used as an example of school dress which would “promote or incite… violence.”  While the School Board quietly removed this example after complaints, we believe that the School Board must apologize to its students and to the Palestinian-Canadian community.  This incident was an act of pure anti-Palestinian racism; “Free Palestine” is a call for freedom and equality, not a call to violence! Use the fields below to send an email to members of the London, ON School Board telling them to apologize for this act of anti-Palestinian racism.


Tell Jagmeet Singh: Put NDP’s admirable Palestine policies into action!

Like many Canadians, CJPME was encouraged to see NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s recent call for a more principled Canadian policy in support of Palestinian human rights. Singh’s call outlined 13 excellent policy demands, all of which are consistent with international law and the priorities of civil society. Singh is getting a lot of heat from pro-apartheid groups for his statement, so CJPME wrote a letter thanking him for his statement, and asking him to follow through on his demands. Can you join us? Continue reading


Tell Trudeau: Condemn Israel's Attacks on Gaza!

Israel has launched yet another aggressive war against the people of Gaza, deploying airstrikes against residential buildings in civilian neighbourhoods. Scores of people have been killed, including at least 15 children. Shockingly, Israel continues to commit these war crimes with impunity. Not only has Canada failed to condemn Israeli aggression, but Canadian military exports to Israel continue to increase every year. Canada must condemn Israel's attacks on the people of Gaza, and suspend military trade with Israel! Continue reading


Tell Israel: Stop Killing Journalists!

We are all grieving after Israel's assassination of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Yet Abu Akleh is already the 47th journalist killed by Israel since 2000, and Reporters Without Borders has said that at least 144 Palestinian journalists have been violently targeted by Israeli forces during protests since 2018. Labelled an apartheid state by all the major human rights organizations, Israel systematically targets journalists to hide its crimes. Canada must condemn this killing, and demand an independent international inquiry into the killing of Abu Akleh. Continue reading


Tell Trudeau: Condemn Israeli Violence at Al-Aqsa!

If you're like us, you were shocked and angered by the videos of Israeli soldiers raiding the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem over the weekend.  Israeli soldiers threw teargas and stun grenades as they entered the compound and mosque, assaulting hundreds – including women, parents with children, media, and medics.  On Friday, Canada issued a weak statement about "de-escalation" of the "violence in and around Al-Aqsa" with NO DISTINCTION between the violent Israeli soldiers and the Palestinian victims. Continue reading