Petition calling on Chris Alexander to resign as Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

The tragic picture of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, drowned off Turkey as he and his family fled Syria as refugees, should be the final straw!  Please call for the resignation of Chris Alexander as Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration!   Continue reading

Email your MP in support of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla III

Many in Canada have been angered by Israel’s treatment of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla III craft and crew of volunteers. Canadians should demand that their politicians denounce Israel’s treatment of the Flotilla volunteers, as well as the inhumane blockade of Gaza.  Using the form below, please write to your MP, and let him/her know of your opposition to such action by the government.  Stephen Harper and other party leaders will also be copied on the email.

Campaign to ask Kathleen Wynne to reject invitation from pro-Israel Lobby

Many people in Ontario are alarmed to learn that provincial premier Kathleen Wynne has accepted an invitation to be honoured by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) on June 22.  While Wynne is indeed worthy of honour for a number of her accomplishments, CIJA’s objectives stand opposed to many things Wynne has worked for in her political career.  Wynne has stood for diversity and fairness, and for respect of Indigenous rights, yet CIJA works to deny the indigenous Palestinian people their human rights and civil rights in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.