Tell Trudeau he is wrong to condemn BDS

Last week, Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, Francois-Philippe Champagne made the following statement condemning BDS in the House of Commons: “Canada remains very concerned about any effort to single out or isolate Israel internationally. […] We condemn BDS. As a country, we need to urgently address the resurgence of antisemitism at home and abroad.” With this statement Champagne and the Trudeau government seek to smear BDS and to marginalize those who support its human rights objectives. Let’s tell Champagne and the Trudeau Gov’t that they can condemn us if they want, but BDS is a PEACEFUL, DEMOCRATIC way for Canadians of conscience to protest Israel’s human right abuses!

Trudeau: Support UN Resolution for a Shared Jerusalem

In a few days, the UN General Assembly will vote on an important resolution on Jerusalem. The resolution rejects Israel’s illegal attempt to annex all of Jerusalem, and condemns Israel’s attempts to prevent Palestinians from living or visiting the city. Canada’s vote on this resolution is more important than ever, especially now that Trump has cut ties with the Palestinians. Please tell Trudeau that Canada should vote FOR this resolution and SUPPORT a Jerusalem shared by ALL!

Trudeau: Stop Arming Algerian Dictatorship

Since February 2019, hundreds of thousands of Algerians have hit the streets each Friday and Tuesday, peacefully calling for an end to government corruption and fair and free democratic elections. The Algerian government's response has been brutal: arresting civilian protestors, political leaders, online activists and journalists for speaking out.  Despite these clear human rights abuses, the Trudeau government continues to support the Algerian dictatorship, even significantly increasing Canada's arms sales to Algeria. Tell Trudeau to stop arming the Algerian dictatorship and start supporting the Algerian people!