Campaign to oppose criminalization of BDS in Canada

Many in Canada were horrified by the CBC article earlier this month which suggested that Canada’s Harper government may legally prosecute Boycott-Israel activists using “hate crime” laws.  The boycott of Israel has nothing to do with “hate,” and such action would violate Canadians’ fundamental rights of freedom of expression and individual liberty.  Using the form below, please write to your MP, and let him/her know of your opposition to such action by the government.    


Campaign to call for a ceasefire between Israel and Gaza

Starting in July, 2014, for many weeks, Israel bombarded sites in Gaza, resulting in large-scale destruction and around 1500 Palestinian deaths, including many civilians.  Hamas also launched hundreds of rockets into Israel, causing very few casualties, and almost no destruction.  The actions of both parties were in violation of international law.  During the duration of hostilities, CJPME supported the UN call for a ceasefire, and called on MPs of all political stripes to protest Israel’s assault on Gaza, and to push for a ceasefire and resumption of peace talks.     Continue reading


Campaign in support of BDS Motion at McMaster University

As endorsed by more than 20 Hamilton and McMaster organizations, a motion on whether to support the BDS campaign will be put to vote on March 26 at McMaster University. Opponents of BDS have already put pressure on McMaster president Patrick Deane to have him intervene in case the motion is accepted.       Continue reading


Campaign in support of Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy

Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohamed Fahmy has been detained in the notorious Scorpion prison since December 30, 2013. Although his detention has been condemned by Amnesty International, Fahmy may now be facing charges. Please pressure the Egyptian authorities to immediately release Mohamed Fahmy and the other Al Jazeera journalists that are also detained with him.   Continue reading


Campaign on the TTC'S decision to reject CJPME's ads

In April 2013, thanks to the generosity of its many supporters, CJPME raised $35,000 to be able to post its “Disappearing Palestine” ads in two major cities across Canada. Sadly, through various strategies, the transit companies and ad agencies have tried to prevent the ads from being posted. Early in September, CJPME's legal counsel sent a letter demanding that the transit authorities in question respect its constitutional rights to post these ads. On October 21, the transit authorities have however conveyed their decision to reject the ads.     Continue reading


Campaign to ask Harper to intervene for Tarek Loubani and John Greyson

Tarek Loubani, a doctor from London, and John Greyson, a filmmaker from Toronto have been jailed in Egypt for more than 40 days. Prime Minister Harper has still not intervened, even though the two innocent men have not been charged, yet have seen their detention repeatedly extended. It is feared that they could easily spend two years in jail.           Continue reading


Toronto City Councillors and freedom of speech

Toronto City Council will meet on June 14 to make a final decision about whether or not to adopt a report that has determined that the use of the term “Israeli apartheid” does not violate the City’s Anti-Discrimination Policy. The Council’s decision has profound implications for freedom of expression in Toronto.       Continue reading


Campaign on Palestinian Prisoners' Hunger Strike

Since the Spring 2012, Palestinian prisoners have increasingly protested the abusive conditions they face in Israeli jails. Add your voice to theirs!   Continue reading


Influence the 2013 Liberal Party Leadership Race

From April 6th to April 14th, Liberal members and supporters will be electing the new party's leader. Show the Liberal candidates that Middle East issues matter to you by taking few seconds to send them your question. Get involved now!       Continue reading


Campaign to oppose Canada's Decision Not to Support Palestine at the UN

Thursday, Nov. 29th, the UN voted to upgrade Palestine’s UN status to that of “observer state.” The vote passed with a lot of international support, but Canada voted against. CJPME vehemently disagrees with the Harper government’s UN vote, considering it unjustifiable, and shameful.       Continue reading