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The Kurds of the Middle East

CJPME Factsheet No. 216, published December, 2019: This factsheet provides a summary analysis of the Kurds of the Middle East, explaining who they are as a people and outlining their diverse visions for their political future.  Continue reading


Céline Dion: Don’t Play in Israel

CJPME Factsheet No. 215, published December, 2019: This factsheet outlines the reasons why Céline Dion should cancel her 2020 concerts in Israel. This factsheet discusses Céline Dion's ties to the Middle East and history of support for humanitarian causes, arguing that she should boycott Israel until it respects Palestinian human rights.  Continue reading


2019 Algerian Popular Protests

CJPME Factsheet No. 214, published December, 2019: This factsheet provides an overview of the 2019 Algerian Popular Protests, describing why Algerians are hitting the streets in weekly anti-government protests while outlining both the Algerian and Canadian governments' reaction to the movement.  Continue reading


Netanyahu’s Annexation of Israeli Settlements

CJPME Factsheet, published May, 2019. This factsheet discusses how the Israeli government intends to formally annex the illegal settlements within the West Bank and the implications of such an action.  Continue reading


Trump’s Golan Heights Decree

CJPME Factsheet, published April 2019 : This factsheet discusses the repercussions of Trump's decree regarding the Golan Heights and Canada's position on the subject.  Continue reading


Trump’s Destructive Approach on Israel-Palestine

CJPME Factsheet, Published december 2018: This factsheet discusses the repercussions of Trump's decisions regarding Israel-Palestine and Canada's reaction to Trump's approach.  Continue reading


Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism

CJPME Factsheet 201, published November 12, 2018: This factsheet explores the orgins of Wahhabism in the Arabian Penninsula and how it rose to political prominence in Saudi Arabia.  The factsheet also explores how the state of Saudi Arabia promotes Wahhabi ideology, and how Wahhabism influences extremist movements around the world.  Continue reading


Israeli Greenwashing

CJPME Factsheet, published August, 2018. This factsheet discusses how the Israeli government uses "greenwashing" by pretending to be environmentally-friendly in order to deflect attention from its human rights abuses against Palestinians.  Continue reading


Saudi Arabia & Iran: A Regional Rivalry

CJPME Factsheet, published June, 2018: This factsheet traces the development of the modern rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran, while highlighting Saudi Arabia and Iran's geopolitical objectives. This factsheet also sheds light on the characteristics of the Saudi-Iranian "Cold War" in discussing the many proxy conflicts carried out between the two states. Finally, the factsheet discusses whether or not Canada has taken sides in the rivalry.  Continue reading


Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman

CJPME Factsheet, published June, 2018: Muhammad bin Salman - known as MbS - became the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia after rising to power in 2017. This factsheet explores how domestic and regional politics have changed under his rule, while highlighting the Canadian response to MbS.  Continue reading