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Palestine 1930: The Passfield White Paper

CJPME Factsheet 135, published August, 2011: This factsheet examines the response to the Passfield White Paper, a historic British statement of policy on Palestine from 1930. The White Paper was critical of Zionist organizations for meddling in the governance of Palestine. Then British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald issued his own statement in order to appease mounting Zionist criticism, this document would be known to Arabs as the “Black Letter.” Continue reading

Boycott Campaign: Sears Canada Inc.

CJPME Factsheet 132, published July, 2011: This factsheet provides a detailed account of Sears Canada Inc.’s implicit participation in Israel’s colonial expansion in Palestine. Sears is not only in violation of international law but also against its own Code of Vendor Conduct. Lack of corporate responsibility and disregard for international law makes this Canadian retailer a legitimate target for boycott campaigns. Continue reading

Tariq Ramadan: Professor, Academic, Theologian

CJPME Factsheet 136, published July, 2011: This factsheets reviews Tariq Ramadan’s valuable contributions to the study of Islam and its significance in Western societies. Ramadan is a distinguished academic, philosopher and writer. His work has been hailed and criticized by Muslims and Westerners alike. Continue reading

Palestinian and Israeli Prisoners

CJPME Factsheet 130, published July, 2011: This factsheet looks at the Palestinian and Israeli treatment of prisoners. Whereas the 2006 kidnap of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit made international headlines, the world remained silent about the 5,383 Palestinian prisoners detained by the Israeli Prison Service (IPS). Canada, which has ratified several human rights treaties pertaining to arrests, imprisonment and torture, remains silent on the subject of Palestinian prisoners and the conditions of their imprisonment. Continue reading

Wave of Discriminatory and Anti-democratic Laws in Israel

CJPME Factsheet 128, published July, 2011: This factsheet provides a summary analysis of the numerous discriminatory laws recently enacted by Israel, as well as the many bills that may be passed in the near future. These Israeli measures limit access to education, employment, housing and land by imposing new conditions almost impossible for Palestinians to meet. Others propose to treat political prisoners arbitrarily and inhumanely as a pressure tactic during prisoner negotiations. Continue reading

Canada’s Defunding of UNRWA’s Core Programs

CJPME Factsheet 125, published June, 2011: This factsheet looks at Canada’s continued defunding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians in the Near East (UNRWA), which provides assistance, protection and advocacy to approximately 4.8 million Palestinian refugees in the Middle East. Until 2009, Canada had been one of the top 20 contributors to UNRWA’s core programs. While UNRWA’s funding grew consistently between 2000 and 2008, Canada was the only donor country to defund UNRWA’s core programs during this period. Continue reading

Canadian Boat to Gaza

CJPME Factsheet 126, published June, 2011: This factsheet provides an overview the Canadian Boat to Gaza (CBG), an initiative by 26 veteran social-justice activists from across Canada, intended to assist international efforts to break the Israeli-led blockade of Gaza. To do this, the CBG will non-violently challenge Israel’s illegal blockade (onboard the Tahrir), carry medical supplies and other urgently-needed humanitarian aid, and seek to draw international attention to the suffering of the people of Gaza. Continue reading

Libya’s Civil War, 2011

CJPME Factsheet 123, published May, 2011: This factsheet provides an overview of Libya’s ongoing civil war after three months of violence. This factsheet addresses frequently asked questions regarding the conflict, such as: what triggered protests in Libya? What are the protesters’ larger grievances? How did civil war erupt? Who stands with or against Gaddafi? And how has NATO justified its military intervention in Libya? Continue reading

Political unrest in Syria, 2011

CJPME Factsheet 118, published May, 2011: This factsheet discusses the significant political developments taking place in Syria since the first few months of 2011. Syria has been led by the autocratic regimes for over four decades: Hafez al-Assad from 1971 until his death in 2000, and by his son Bashar al-Assad ever since. There are credible reports of armed resistance to the Assad government, which raises the question of whether President al-Assad can be expected to remain in power. In order to address this question, this factsheet looks at who are the Syrian protesters and what are their demands, how much support they have, and what are the root grievances behind the protests. Continue reading

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi

CJPME Factsheet 122, published May, 2011: This factsheet provides a biographical depiction of Libya’s longtime ruler, Muammar Gaddafi. This factsheet looks at historical context surrounding Gaddafi’s ascendance to power, Libya’s transformation under his rule, his tensions and reconciliation with the West, his base of support among the populace, and what will be his legacy after decades in power. Continue reading