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  • Welcome to CJPME’s campus resource centre. For years, CJPME has worked hard to produce factsheets, position papers, opinion pieces, human rights reports and other publications that we feel can benefit student groups across the country. You and your campus group – whether SPHR, SAIA, SJP, Amnesty, MSA, etc. – are encouraged to access our existing resources and educational materials on this page. Below you will find many subject areas that are commonly addressed by student groups. Please feel free to click on each area of interest below, where you can access an array of resources that could be easily fitted for workshops, campus campaigns, protests and more.

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Useful Videos: Oppression 101 Video Series

Palestine Solidarity and Accusations of anti-Semitism

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that Independent Jewish Voices – Canada and other anti-Zionist Jewish organizations have more resources available to speak to this question.

Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children

History of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Palestinian Prisoners

Palestinian Refugees



The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS)

Islamophobia in Canada

Israeli Apartheid

Illegal Israeli Colonies

Canadian Complicity in Israeli Colonies

A Principled Canadian Policy vis-à-vis the Middle East

Saudi Arabia

Meeting with your local political representative  

As a national political organization, CJPME meets with political representatives on an ongoing basis. Often when we are in Ottawa, we hear the remark – “These are all good points, but I don’t hear about this from my constituents. The people in my riding are not concerned about Palestinian human rights.” We would strongly encourage student groups – where they are able – to meet with local political representatives so that they are aware that people across this country are incredibly concerned about these issues. Please feel free to reach out to our Campaigns Coordinator, Miranda Gallo, at [email protected] if you’d like any more information or advice for your meeting.

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